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Luckilious – Check out the Jupiter in Signs

Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune. It promotes growth and happiness. If Jupiter unpacks loads of surprises, it also reveals shocks and caution. While lounging in each sign, this planet triggers certain factors peculiar to that sign. Let’s see what it does to people and their personalities in each sign.

Jupiter in Aries

Taking the lead and making commitments is what Jupiter in Aries all about. Jupiter in Aries makes you positive. You’re almost always ready to face the most difficult of situations. Of course, you do have an inbuilt reservoir of anger, but if you learn to channel it, you will command authority. Freedom, adventure, and exploration of ideas are the central themes when Jupiter is in Aries. You’re audacious, but also impatient. While you’re daring, practice focus. You’re enthusiastic, but your intolerance might create trouble for you.  This position makes you a perfect blend of confidence and generosity.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus gives you clear thinking and sharp vision. You’re sure of your ideas as Jupiter in this sign makes you completely self-reliant. You have solutions to almost any kind of problem. When we talk about self-reliance, adaptability becomes your key trait. You are fixed in your ideas, but know the art of adjusting to different situations without relying on others. You’re passionate and Jupiter further adds to your zeal! Financial security is of utmost importance to you. But be careful as Jupiter might just make you overly fond of precious and worldly possessions. Also, watch out as this position makes you too independent and you may skip the worth of people around you.

Jupiter in Gemini

Ah! It’s talking tap left open. Your tongue simply does not know how to rest. Your babbling energies are on the loose and words just pour out of your mouth. Well, Jupiter in Gemini also means that you’re an amazing storyteller, wonderful at communications, and an expert at advising others. Jupiter in this sign makes you extremely intelligent. You crave fresh and vivid experiences. You’re open to solutions and criticisms and are willing to work and improve on them. For you, the leaves could be red and the Sun could be blue! What we mean is that Jupiter in this sign gives you strong imaginative powers, at times bizarre too. But watch out your tongue and carefully choose your words before you speak.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer could make your personality a dramatic one. You might be changing your mind and sides at any given time. You’re playful and imaginative. But with this position, you must learn to control your fantasy. You might tend to over fantasize and waste a good deal of your time and energy. Learn to discipline yourself. You are philosophical and explore the hidden layers of religion and cult. You have the vision, but this placement also makes you unadaptable. To make your competence shine out, try and be flexible and easy-going.

Jupiter in Leo

“Hope never dies” seems to be your affirmation. No matter how difficult the situation, you don’t lose your optimism. Talk about parties, live concerts or jamming sessions, you’re always ready to be on the roll. When things go against you, you draw on the reservoir of your playful energies. Your style is jazzy and you love to flaunt your body. But watch out! Jupiter in Leo could shoot up your arrogance. Don’t be smug. You need to understand that you’re one among the equals. Jupiter in this sign makes you wild and dating is great, but when you watch out on your promiscuity, luck will do favor you.

Jupiter in Virgo

Your signature trait is honesty and you abide by practicality. You will never come to conclusions unless you have examined all the available facts. Not given much to emotionality, you work by reason and logic. You’re less prone to take risks and operate more with prudence. Your analytical skills easily help you to get out of trouble. When it comes to planning a career or choosing friends, you’re peculiar and do it with great care. You are inclined towards cult, religion, philosophy, and have the ability for scientific inventions.

Jupiter in Libra

Where’s your next trip? If you haven’t planned it, then do it early! Why we say this is because Jupiter in Libra gives you good travel chances. And you never know, you may get lucky on one of your trips and find the love you’re seeking (if you haven’t found it). You might often find yourself making a list or think about some of the most sophisticated things in the world. This position makes you highly refined. Your imbibe love for cultured things and a cheap flea market is definitely not your place. You’d always be in good luck if you make enough charity.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You have an awesome will power that nobody dares to challenge. You have a great sense of purpose and are strong enough to accomplish it. Jupiter makes your emotions elusive and mysterious to others. You’re like a storm churning in silence! Your generosity knows no bounds which further adds to your charisma. This is one placement that makes you highly open to criticism. When you willingly accept the criticisms, your analytical skills and confidence improve. You are both constructive and destructive by nature. But what you choose to do at the moment is completely dependent upon your thinking patterns. You will be in luck if you learn to train your destructive behavior. Watch out for blood poisoning, heart diseases, long voyages, public investments, and litigations.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter is in its own sign! So definitely this planet is happy and ready to bestow you with glee and luck. This position makes you curious about cultures, religion, philosophy, and outer-worldly phenomena. You seek new experiences in these segments to the point of taking risks. This position is all about growing intellectually. When you’re ready to embrace such diverse experiences, you become broad and liberal. You’re active. You take delight in doing charity and humanitarian projects attract you. Connect with religious, philosophic, and scientific bodies as they bring you luck. Be careful of gambling, speculations, and long voyages.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn placement makes you lucky if you hone your organizing abilities. This position is all about executing your ambitions. You’re capable and creative, but without the right quality of organizing skills, you will drain your innovative energies.  You are a thoughtful personality so first get to know yourself. When you thoroughly scan yourself, you will come across the flaws that you must work upon. Your practical nature earns you popularity wherein others seek your advice and assistance. Commercial and foreign affairs bring you a fortune. Along with your commercial success, focus on your scientific and spiritual advancement.

Jupiter in Aquarius

You have sincere friends, then hold on to them (not too tight of course, given them a breather). This placement favors much luck through good friends and colleagues. You’re good-humored and cheerful and attract a lot of people. So by all means, you gotta filter the right ones for you. Exploration is your key trait. Be it philosophy, spirituality, occult, and out-of-the-ordinary, you have diverse interests. Many people in the first place do not dare to dream. Most of them fear that their dreams might never come true. But you- you’re a dream catcher! You have refined tastes and are fond of ancient and classic arts. Public institutions and government associations are lucky for you.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in the last sign of the zodiac bestows you with some great intuition and imaginative faculties. Your creative energies are highly active but don’t waste them. Jupiter in this sign makes you extravagant and changeable. If you waste your energies, your psychic powers will suffer. You have a deep spiritual perception. Siphon your energies on constructive occult and psychical research. These segments are lucky for you. Also, this sign makes you compassionate. Engage in humanitarian activities as they will boost your will power and inner voice. Hospitals, animals, friends, mining, water journeys, and shipping affairs are lucky for you.

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