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Life Path 33 – The Raw Power of the Mystical Number 33

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Number 33 is a Master Teacher. 33 is a sacred number and is found hidden in many signs and forms. Spine- the reservoir of all spiritual energy has 33 vertebrae, Jesus lived for 33 years and the temple of Solomon stood for nearly 33 years. It is a highly charged number, and those born with it are blessed with its electric vibration that enables them to deliver to the best of their potential. However, realizing the true potential doesn’t come up so easily for the individuals carrying the vibration of this revered number. For a major part of their life, these individuals must face and deal with the poignant struggles before they could realize their capabilities.

33 is a storehouse of spiritual energy. It is a combination of two master numbers 11 and 22. 11, the root of all master numbers gives vision and 22 confer the potential to build upon and achieve the vision. 33 people are true visionaries and carry the actualization of number 6 which represents love, family and responsibility. People having number 33 as one of their core numbers are entirely selfless and devoted beings. Their tendency to give and serve makes them Universal nurturers. They experience an inner drive to break free mankind from its unbearable pain and miseries. Dissipating pure love is the purpose of these individuals, and they have a deep awareness about the problems and troubles of others.

Like 11, 33 is an old soul wise beyond its years. Number 33 people divert their energies in exploring the metaphysical dimensions of earthly existence. They are tireless workers and constantly push their boundaries to achieve their goals. For them, pushing the limits is a part of honing their talent and skill which they largely apply for the betterment of humanity. 33 is a number of ‘spiritual giving’. They are sensitive to other people’s emotions and their presence has a healing effect on those around them. However, this works both ways for the ones carrying the tremendous power of number 33.

33 people have an altruistic nature and are spontaneous givers. While they radiate their spiritual energies to heal others, they too need energies to assuage their own hurt and wounds.  Their life pattern and design places them in toughest of the situations which require their profound understanding and acceptance. But acceptance is not enough. Taking responsibility is the core idea when these individuals are placed through the turbulent phases of life. 33 gives its bearer the courage to take the responsibility for his/her own actions and accept the outcome. When 33 people practice forbearance and learn to forgive, they shape into unique individuals fit to become the Master Teachers that they are.

Sympathy is natural to number 33 people and helping others is like a tonic for these benevolent individuals. For some, it becomes their basic necessity. While trying to help, they might come across as too controlling in their nature and could be rebuffed by people around. Their tendency to give and help might obstruct theirs as well as the growth of others. While others would find them too interfering, when they plunge in to help or aid others, they themselves stand a risk of being drained and running out of vital energy. If they do not charge their energies and gauge the correct method of delivering mushrooming issues, they could become apathetic and aloof in general to the problems of others.

People with the vibratory force of 33 need to understand the value of relaxing. The energetic fits are not always the solution to the arising complexities. Swinging into action is not vital on all occasions, and at times adopting the policy of ‘wait and watch’ becomes essential. Number 33 people are too developed to see and allow others to make mistakes. But it is important for these individuals to learn that others too need to go through the trials to grasp the real meaning of life. Heralding too much control will lead to the destructive tendencies both in the person carrying the vibration of number 33 and the others around them. Mental relaxation and the release of inner turmoil will make 33 people efficient while dealing with trying times, and make them truly capable to discharge their compassionate energies for the larger good.

Number 33 indicates expression, creativity and a highly developed intuition. They are ingenious and original. They lack pretence, and thus can express themselves with ease. While they provide an outlet to others negativity and limitations, they too need a vent through which to channelize their own mental unrest. They get burdened when they give too much and need to rejuvenate their sap-sucked energies. Creative expression provides a perfect outlet for these individuals to regain their plummeting vivacity.

33 individuals are natural charismatic leaders and are truly inspiring. Being similar to the root number 6, 33 carry the higher vibration of this nurturing number. Though similar to 6 and heralding it’s qualities, 33 is a different number signifying conflicting emotions. 33 babies are concerned about the whole earth, but only when their contrasting feelings are neutralized, they can focus on its betterment. Their heart is the center of warm and bright light which they radiate to soak the plight of others. Compassion is a trademark of these individuals and they signify altruism. With the right blend of soft heart and inspiring outlook, they make good psychologists, nurses, communicators, peacemakers and army personnel.

Individuals belonging to the number 33 are not only selfless, but also optimistic.  They are not the ones to give up in the times of difficulty and become a source of hope for others. They too, like others go through pain and heartaches, but unlike others the outcome of their struggle is not a blame game, but enlightenment on a magnificent scale. 33 number people believe in breaking barriers and establishing new societal codes in which growth becomes a tangible possibility. They are active listeners and apply their energies in conceiving the agony of others to dig out the most suitable path to cure the pain. Their exceptional listening capacities make them effective communicators and solution oriented decision makers. They focus on the areas where growth is a juicy possibility and shun the dirt of the polluted minds. With the degree of wisdom that they possess, they become the Universal teachers to walk their rocky path with grace and also pull up others of their difficult drive.

Number 33 individuals have immense potential to deliver humanity on a larger scale, but if they get drained of their energies, their zealous thinking patterns could be tremendously hampered. Number 33 people should take good care of themselves as they are extremely sensitive and the medium through which the cosmic powers find a concrete channelization. They are people with knowledge and vivid dreams. Being energy medium for the greater good, 33 types should try and practice the integration of all their good traits in their daily life. With all the magical factors that come packed with the master number 33, it also brings upon the gloomy and cynical dash to the personalities of this number. Good and bad coexists with life most of the time vacillating between the two extremes. Here, number 33 is known to carve an exception by establishing a fine balance between these two facets of human personality.

The two 3s placed together signify imagination and communication which form the core on which the mind of a 33 individual functions. Number 33 people apply both these factors to reach the hidden worlds of spirituality. Their selfless nature further relaxes their effort in uncovering the unexplored territories of mind and life. 33 individuals are sharp communicators and measure their words before letting them out. Their calculated words untangle the toughest of the situations providing a deep insight into the nature and solution of life’s problems.

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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