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Compatibility Check: Which Zodiac Sign is Your Ideal Mate?

Compatibility is the most important thing in a relationship. When two people are able to relate with each other on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical level it creates a foundation for a strong relationship.

While you can always know how compatible you are with someone by spending time with them, it comes with its own drawbacks. The first and the most important one being – your time. The second one, if you get attached too soon only to find out later that your wavelengths don’t match – then a little heartbreak.

This is why quite a few of us think finding a mate is hard work. But, it needn’t be. Mix in a little astrology with your efforts, and viola you’ll be able to select people who are compatible with your zodiac sign, thus improving your chances of finding a good match.

Here are the zodiac pairs that are a match made in heaven! Read on to know which sign is most compatible with yours.

Aries: The Ram is truly spoilt for choice in the relationship department. The daring and go-getter Ariens can find their perfect partner in Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Leo. All of these zodiacs will complement the Ram’s fun and outgoing personality, making the relationship the envy of the town. If they had to choose one, then the innovative, intellectual, and humanitarian Aquarians will make the best partner for the fiery Ariens.

Taurus: The bull is all about class, status, and practicality. Its life partner has to embody the same as well. So who better than the Capricorn or Virgo be their significant other? Both these signs are ambitious, no-nonsense, practical, and enjoy the finer things in life – much like the Taurus.

Gemini: The twins require someone who is on a similar intellectual level as they are and enjoys life as much as they do. So, they tend to get along with Leo, Aquarius, Libra, and Aries. All these signs can hold their own in a debate with the well-read Gemini and can also twirl and swirl with them at the most happening party in town!

Cancer: The emotional crab can’t be just with anyone. It needs someone who can understand their sensitive nature and give them a stable relationship. Naturally, the best match for them is someone from their own sign or Scorpions who also gives equal importance to emotions, family, and stable relationships.

Leo: The majestic lion needs an equally powerful and glamorous partner. The aggressive and attractive Aries makes for a lovely match for the Leos. Together this combination can win over the world if they can control the fireworks! The other sign that Leos are compatible with is the Archers. The adventurous nature and the attraction towards all the fine things of Sagittarians compliment the Leos zest for life and for living larger than life. They tend to have a very strong emotional bonding as well!

Virgo: The proper and meticulous Virgo bonds well with the bull and goat. If the Virgo gets together with a Capricorn or Taurus, it can become a part of a power couple all set to take on the world. The world needs to watch out!

Libra: The romantic, dreamy, and intellectual Librans seek the company of a partner who can debate with them on a wide range of topics, loves to wine and dine, and see the world! Now, who better than Gemini and Sagittarius to compliment Libra’s romantic feelings and love for all things lovely and luxurious? Another compatible partner for Libra can be someone from their own sign, of course, they will need to decide who will make the decisions!

Scorpio: The emotional and family-oriented Scorpio is best suited to someone from their own sign, Cancer, or Pieces. Scorpions place a high value on emotions, family, security, and are sensitive by nature, these signs can give them the stability they crave and the emotional support they need to grow in life.

Sagittarius: It is not easy to tie down or get a commitment from the adventurous archer. Sagittarians need a partner who supports their adventurous nature, gives them enough freedom and takes interest in their intellectual pursuits. The energy and drive of the archer is best matched with that of the fiery Aries, the proud Leo, or the sophisticated Libra.

Capricorn: The perfectionists of the zodiacs have to be paired together! Capricorn’s methodological and practical nature gels well with the Virgo and Taurus. A paring with either of these signs is sure to spell success as they are both goal-oriented and driven to achieve success in whatever they do.

Aquarius: The innovators, thinkers, and the humanitarians of the zodiac need partners who can keep pace with their varied interests and social work. They require people who are well-read, intelligent, and determined to achieve their goals. These qualities are found in Aries, Librans, and Gemini.

Pisces: The dreamers of the zodiac are sensitive and emotional. They need someone who can understand their emotional needs, can stand in as strong support when they’re sailing in the land of dreams. For them, the caring Cancer and the no-nonsense yet dependable and supportive Taurus makes for a good match.

Now that you know which signs make for a good match for you, you can select partners who share the same wavelength and sensibilities. However, this does not mean that you won’t have to work on the relationship. You will need to put
in the efforts to build trust, emotional connection, and love in the relationship for it to last a lifetime!

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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