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How Will the Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac?

How Will the Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac?

Planets are constantly moving as they revolve around the Sun. During the course of this movement, they travel through all the 12 signs of the zodiac. The time that they take to move across a particular zodiac sign has an impact on that sign. This is the most basic definition of transit.

However, it is not only the movement that creates an impact on the zodiac sign. What kind of movement it is - is the planet moving backward (retrograde) or forward - also affects the outcome of the movement. To understand the impact of transit, the presence of planets in an individual's horoscope and the house it will take place in also need to be considered. The relationship between the transiting planet and the planet present in the particular house in an individual's horoscope at the time of birth also needs to be studied. That is why the impact of transit is different for different people.

What is Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet of communication, thought process, and self-expression. Our Mercury defines how we communicate, our style of speech, and how we think. It is thus one of the most important planets. When Mercury goes retrograde it impacts our ability to communicate. It may create misunderstandings, delays in communication, and it might make thought process sluggish. However, it is not always negative. A the result of the retrograde depends on each person's horoscope and how Mercury is placed in the chart and whether it is malefic or benefic; weak or strong.

Considering the fact that Mercury is the fastest moving planet, its transits occur more frequently than the other planets and last for fewer days. It's impact is also greater as it is the closest planet to the Earth.

General Impact of the Retrograde on the Zodiac Signs

While the impact of a Mercury retrograde cannot be solely determined by the zodiac sign, it does follow a common theme for each zodiac sign. The intensity of those experiences will depend on each person's horoscope and the placement of planets in therein.

Aries: The Mercury retrograde will lead Ariens to look out for job opportunities or discuss available options. It is also a good time to go through business contracts, employment agreements, and other important documents. Employers should also use this period to build better relations with their employees. This period will also bring about a desire to innovate and look towards acquiring technical skills.

Taurus: For the bull, this retrograde will place an emphasis on communication with the family, significant other, and children. It might lead to some cluttered thinking and disrupt the thought process. This period will also prompt them to look at their financial health. Patience would the key to go through the retrogrades in 2019.

Gemini: The twins may experience some confusion regarding their personal relationships. It will be a good time to look at how they communicate with others. They might also need to look at their dealings in property.

Cancer: The crab might be required to pay attention to its relationship with siblings or those who live in the same vicinity as miscommunication caused by the retrograde may put a strain on the relationships. It will be a period of emotional ups and downs.

Leo: Mercury retrograde will put a focus on income and matters related to work for the Leos. It will also highlight work-related relationships. This retrograde will be a good time to evaluate the partnerships and drop the ones that are not working. The lions will also find themselves interested in technology and in trying out new things.

Virgo: For the Virgos, Mercury retrograde will demand a focus on the self. It will prompt them to assess their life, behavior, attitude, and how they interact with others. The retrograde will be a good time to make changes in how they communicate. It will also be a good time to revisit their income and earnings.

Libra: Libras will have an urge to look inwards. They will be interested in connecting with their spiritual self and try to find time to spend with themselves. This period might also encourage them to travel to places of emotional or spiritual significance. While Librans will not completely seclude themselves from others, it will be a time to introspect. The retrograde will also bring into focus the communication style and how it can be improved.

Scorpio: This retrograde will come with a theme to declutter. Possessions, friends and family. They'll want to look at what's/who's encouraging them to move forward and what/who's holding them back from achieving their full potential. Keep what's working and gracefully let go of what's hindering progress.

Sagittarius: The retrograde will bring personal and professional relationship issues into focus. It will be a good idea to tread carefully until you have more control over your emotions. This period will also steer them towards new technology and new ways of thinking and working.

Capricorn: For the goat, the retrograde will put their education and income into focus. They might also want to travel and communicate with scholars and experts.

Aquarius: The Aquarians will be prompted to pay attention to their income and finances. Think about how they can improve their business to enhance their earnings. The Mercury retrograde will also encourage them to think about how they can improve their interaction with others.

Pisces: The fish will concentrate on relationships both personal and professional during the retrograde. They might even connect with someone from their past during this period. They will need to focus on keeping their emotions in check.