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The best aromas for your zodiac sign

The fragrance each person wears tells a lot about their character and personality. You may not have noticed before, but we tend to choose certain scents depending on the nature of our Star Sign. Read More »

What is a Saturn return? Everything you need to know

The return of Saturn is a crucial transition time for the psyche and life of each individual. Saturn is the planet that represents our structure, responsibility, discipline, patience, commitment to reality, self-sustainability, and maturity. Read More »

Why do full moons bring so many feels?

The Moon is that celestial body that governs our moods and feelings. Water is the element that represents our emotions, and it is a known fact that the Full Moon activity interferes with the tides of the ocean. Read More »

7 tarot tips every beginner reader needs to know

The mysterious world of tarot is undoubtedly a fascinating place that will lead you to tap into your intuitive powers and guide you through a lifetime of meaningful readings. Of course, the number of cards and their valuable meaning can be overwhelming at first but don’t lose heart. Read More »

10 things you should (and shouldn’t) do during a full moon

The Moon cycles provide valuable insights into our emotional state and the intentions we are manifesting in our lives. There are times, such as the New Moon when we seed our desires, and other times, such as the Full Moon, when we harvest those wishes we sow, whether we are aware of it or not. Read More »

5 things in your birth chart that predict love

Predicting the future of our love life is one of, if not the main, interests of people who dabble in their birth chart. Some people think it is impossible to predict what destiny has in store for us, but in fact, our birth chart shows those areas in which we can find our potential soul mate, as well as the qualities and characteristics of our ideal partner. Read More »

Never do these things during Uranus retrograde

Uranus is the planet that represents our independence, freedom, sense of justice, and community involvement. This planet rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and its transits bring surprises, unexpected changes, or significant breakthroughs to our lives. Read More »

The biggest money mistakes your zodiac sign makes

Money matters are often a tricky and significant topic for each and every adult person in the world. We all want to manage our finances, save for our future projects, and indulge in some treats from time to time. Not to mention investments! Read More »

Why you should check your child’s horoscope daily

The horoscope connects us to our highest purpose, talents, strengths, and the lessons we must learn. The planets are constantly moving around the galaxy, creating harmonic aspects that enhance our gifts and skills and challenging aspects that present us with challenges to evolve. Read More »

Naming your baby after their Zodiac Sign – Baby name ideas

Millennials and centennials are paying more and more attention to their child’s zodiac sign than ever before. Some people even plan the conception so that their newborn will be born under the sign they want. Read More »

Can your birth chart predict your future?

Not too long ago, Astrology was considered a black and white kind of discipline that predicted the future of humanity. There were benefic and malefic planets as well as good and bad zodiac signs, and you would have a promising or dreadful future depending on the positions of the planets in your birth chart. Read More »

Difference between birth chart and horoscope

Horoscopes are small predictions based on the interpretations of the movements of the planets for each zodiac sign at a given time. Some horoscopes are based on the theory that people have a fixed destiny determined by these celestial bodies, without us having any part in it. Read More »

What are the personalities of the Zodiac signs?

The personality types of each sign vary depending on many factors. However, those signs that share the same elements are more similar to each other. Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius tend to be impulsive, self-confident, impatient, and passionate. Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are more calm, practical, and reliable. Read More »

Which Zodiac sign is the smartest?

An academic test cannot measure intelligence. In fact, there are eight different types of intelligence, and not all of them involve mathematical calculations. Some people are better at sports, others at painting and reading. Each zodiac sign has its own motivations and talents and approaches its surroundings at its own pace and style. Read More »

What does my Zodiac sign say about me?

We call the constellation in which the sun was transiting the day we were born our zodiac sign. This star sign represents the seed of possibilities of what you are going to become. It refers to those talents you are here to unfold, the essence of your identity. Read More »

What does your zodiac symbol mean?

Each astrological symbol has a unique meaning. Some come from ancient mythology, while others resemble ancient languages that were buried long ago. Here's what all 12 symbols of the zodiac signs mean. Read More »

What's the role of Earth in astrology?

Whether you're a grounded Earth sign or a whimsical air sign, the energies of Earth affect all of us in different ways. Even if our planet doesn't have a prominent role to play in your natal chart, it can still have a significant influence on your life. Here's a quick guide to Earth's role in astrology. Read More »

The best house plants for every zodiac sign

Want to fill your home with house plants that align with your energy? We’ve picked out the best house plants for every zodiac sign. So, whether you’re a spotlight-seeking Leo or a peace-loving Taurus, you’ll find a green companion that’s right for you. Read More »

The Birth Chart and Your Caliber to Connect with the 'Other Worlds'

Ever wondered how come you just know certain things that others don't? Name it intuition, sensitivity, psychic awareness or empathy, it could elevate you or pull you down with heavy and painful emotions. The profound sense of awareness that you seem to possess can powerfully connect you with yourself and others. Read More »

Luckilious - Check out the Jupiter in Signs

Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune. It promotes growth and happiness. If Jupiter unpacks loads of surprises, it also reveals shocks and caution. While lounging in each sign, this planet triggers certain factors peculiar to that sign. Let's see what it does to people and their personalities in each sign. Read More »

Triplicities and the Mystical Venusian Traits!

In the Circle of Zodiac, the twelve signs are grouped as 'Triplicities' based on the elements they dominate. All these four elements of fire, air, earth and water oscillate with their own magnetic fields exerting a different type of energy on the bodies that come in contact with them. Read More »

How Will the Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac?

Planets are constantly moving as they revolve around the Sun. During the course of this movement, they travel through all the 12 signs of the zodiac. The time that they take to move across a particular zodiac sign has an impact on that sign. This is the most basic definition of transit. Read More »

What kind of a co-worker you are based on your Zodiac?

Have you ever wondered what kind of a co-worker you are? Just like all the other aspects of life, your zodiac also plays an important role in your career. Let's just take an example, why are you the way you are? This is because of your basic nature and behaviour directly connected to astrological influences. Read More »

Know what makes you feel secure based on your zodiac sign

Security can never be optional or a matter of choice. It's an absolute expression of innate power meant to be exercised than kept hidden, and it's not only money that can impart a complete sense of security. Even things like high heels become an asset for security, an adage for tremendous self-expression. Read More »