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The Moon-Saturn conjunction – contradictions and revelations

In the early hours of November 29th, two incredible astral objects will meet in the constellation of Capricornus. Two completely different cosmic energies will collide – the peaceful, nurturing and feminine energies of the Moon and Saturn’s methodical, strategic, and logical energies.

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What can the new moon in Sagittarius do for you?

Did you know that November 23rd marked the start of a brand-new moon cycle? It’s the end of eclipse season, and there’s a new moon in Sagittarius – a fresh start has been much-needed, and it’s FINALLY here.

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The best aromas for your zodiac sign

The fragrance each person wears tells a lot about their character and personality. You may not have noticed before, but we tend to choose certain scents depending on the nature of our Star Sign.

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What is a Saturn return? Everything you need to know

The return of Saturn is a crucial transition time for the psyche and life of each individual. Saturn is the planet that represents our structure, responsibility, discipline, patience, commitment to reality, self-sustainability, and maturity.

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Why do full moons bring so many feels?

The Moon is that celestial body that governs our moods and feelings. Water is the element that represents our emotions, and it is a known fact that the Full Moon activity interferes with the tides of the ocean.

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7 tarot tips every beginner reader needs to know

The mysterious world of tarot is undoubtedly a fascinating place that will lead you to tap into your intuitive powers and guide you through a lifetime of meaningful readings.

Of course, the number of cards and their valuable meaning can be overwhelming at first but don’t lose heart.

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