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Never do these things during Uranus retrograde

Uranus is the planet that represents our independence, freedom, sense of justice, and community involvement. This planet rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and its transits bring surprises, unexpected changes, or significant breakthroughs to our lives.

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The biggest money mistakes your zodiac sign makes

Money matters are often a tricky and significant topic for each and every adult person in the world. We all want to manage our finances, save for our future projects, and indulge in some treats from time to time.

Not to mention investments!

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Why you should check your child’s horoscope daily

The horoscope connects us to our highest purpose, talents, strengths, and the lessons we must learn. The planets are constantly moving around the galaxy, creating harmonic aspects that enhance our gifts and skills and challenging aspects that present us with challenges to evolve.

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Zodiac Compatibility – What sign should you date?

Knowing someone’s zodiac sign will give you great insight into your astrological compatibility. Although there are many other factors to consider, our star sign indicates how we express our character, our drives, passions, aspirations, and life goals.

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Naming your baby after their Zodiac Sign – Baby name ideas

Millennials and centennials are paying more and more attention to their child’s zodiac sign than ever before. Some people even plan the conception so that their newborn will be born under the sign they want.

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Can numerology predict the future?

Numerology predicts the chances of certain events happening by studying the pattern of numbers. This knowledge states that if we break down the universe, the only things left will be numbers.

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