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Naming your baby after their Zodiac Sign – Baby name ideas

Millennials and centennials are paying more and more attention to their child’s zodiac sign than ever before. Some people even plan the conception so that their newborn will be born under the sign they want.

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Can numerology predict the future?

Numerology predicts the chances of certain events happening by studying the pattern of numbers. This knowledge states that if we break down the universe, the only things left will be numbers.

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How numerology can help you through important life stages

Numerology is a sacred language that explains the correspondences between our life events and the numerical value in our birth date, name, and ideas.

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How do you know if you’re compatible with someone?

When you are compatible with someone, you don’t feel the pressure of constantly proving something. You can just be yourself around that person, exactly the way you are, because you know you’re not being judged.

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What’s the difference between compatibility & love?

Compatibility is key to determining whether you can make a long-term relationship with another person work.

However, love is irrational and has no specific purpose. It is a deep emotion that leads you to long for someone’s company, not because of their outlook on life but because your heart craves it.

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What does compatibility mean in a relationship?

Compatibility is not having the same taste in music or sharing an equal aversion to getting up early in the morning.

It’s about the opinions and views you and your significant other have in common.

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