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Triplicities and the Mystical Venusian Traits!

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In the Circle of Zodiac, the twelve signs are grouped as ‘Triplicities’ based on the elements they dominate. All these four elements of fire, air, earth and water oscillate with their own magnetic fields exerting a different type of energy on the bodies that come in contact with them. Venus, though a celestial body with its peculiar characteristics, when placed in any of these elements, is extensively influenced by their energy waves. Residing in each of the four elements, Venus catalyses varied dynamic energies in the psyche that manifests in the world of love and relationships.

Venus in Fire Signs-

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius make up the fiery triplicity (the fire signs) of the Zodiac. While these three are uncomfortable signs for Venus to be in, the planet of love losses its playfulness when in the house of fire. People with Venus in either of the fire signs are ragingly passionate with a matchless emotional intensity. Highly demonstrative in love, these people seek the attention from their partner. Self-acknowledgement is essential for people with Venus in fiery triplicity. They crave admiration, and in the process could become too self-centered often ignoring the confused emotions their partner experiences. While fleeing from Crete, the mythological figure Icarus burnt his wings made up of feathers and wax. He flew too close to the Sun only to have his wings melt from the Sun’s scorching heat. For people with Venus in a fire sign, love is like Icarus. If the blazing intensity of ‘prioritizing the self’ is left rampant, it will melt ‘good wings’ in the association.

For Venus in fire sign people, love is not a need, but an experience. They are flirters and simply follow the idea; the more you experience, the more you learn.  They develop strong connections with the person they fall for, exploring every length and breadth of their tumultuous emotions. Venus in the fiery triplicity is not a sailor’s paradise, but a rocky climb up the hill. In the house of fire, Venus is tossed restless and set ablaze to drive its lovers to the point of madness. It is in this zone that the person refuses to make compromises and must control the bluntness. Emotions in this segment never run dry, and demand constant renewal and rejuvenation. When resting in fire signs, Venus will spice the relationship with a smack of unexpected calmness interweaved with bouts of turbulence. At one point it will be a romantic dinner date, and at another instance is the uproar difficult to settle. Venus in a fire sign will make the association imaginative, amusing and warm, but a bumpy ride in the Ferris wheel taking its travelers through the uncharted fragments of the fiery triplicity.

Venus in Earth Signs-

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn form the earthly triplicity (earth signs) of the Zodiac. It is in these signs that when Venus lounges, it clings to sensations more while resting in any other triplicity. Earth rules stability, and steadiness in relationships is a fundamental need for people with Venus in the earth sign. Such individuals seek ‘constancy’ in their associations. Since they crave steadfastness, they’re patient human beings and often forget that permanency is difficult to sustain. Among other triplicities, they are the ones to suffer most disappointments in love.

The element of Earth signifies the seed, its root and the germination. The natives with Venus in the Earth element are slow and cautious to enter the association, but once it takes root, it penetrates deep into their psyche. While others might struggle to keep to one sweetheart in their lives, commitment comes naturally to people with Venus in the earth signs. With tremendous power of commitment, comes their ambition to stay with the person they love for a lifetime. Treachery and adultery probably doesn’t apply to such individuals, but talk of taking their lover away from them, and you’d see a complete flip in the nature of these otherwise diplomatic and sympathetic souls. In relationships, they’re reliable and their quiet nature holds a ton of unspoken emotions. While yearning for the physical presence of their partner, their approach towards their relationship is realistic devoid of any flowery or empty talks.

Venus in Air Signs-

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius form the Airy triplicity (air signs) of the Zodiac. It’s here, in these signs that Venus attains to its highest playfulness. There’s no locking up of feelings and no burying of emotions for people who have their Venus falling in any of these signs. Air relates to ‘ventilation’, air relates to ‘expression’ and air relates to the ‘song and melody’. There’s no clogging up of feelings when Venus is in the element of air. Their sentiments are well ventilated, and are smart enough to express their feelings choosing the right tone and words of expression. For such people, communication is the fundamental factor to keep their relationship lively and scintillating.

However, people with Venus in the element of air have issues with constancy in relationships. They love flirting, and committing in an association will take a lot on part of these individuals. They’re articulate with the right blend of appeal and kindness. They are charmers and attract people with their refined manners and speaking skills. An intelligent conversation over a glass of premium wine would engage them. And if there’s somebody who’s glancing at them from the corner of their eye while they sip the grape, there’s something already brewing up between the two. In relationships, they’re original and exude a sense of independence. The best way to engage with ‘Air Venusians’ is to set them free while they experiment with their intellect and creativity.

Venus in Water Signs-

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces form the water triplicity (Water signs) of the Zodiac. Water is the most loving element of all, and when Venus- the love planet lolls in this element, it magnifies the affection the person feels for his/her beloved. Whether flowing or stagnant, water assumes many forms. Owing to this variation, Venus becomes mysterious when entering water- the element of changing shapes.

Others often feel perplexed and fail to understand the person whose Venus falls in any of the water signs. They appear calm on top, but under the cheerful exterior, they nurse powerful undercurrents of emotions. People with Venus in the water triplicity love their homes and are usually domestic in nature. They are psychic and are quick to figure out the emotional needs of their partners even before them having to open up. This makes them compassionate and a strong contender to those looking for an emotional anchor.

Venus in water signs is like a ball dashed in the pool of water where the soft currents set the Venus floating freely on the surface. It’s no wonder that people with Venus in the water element are fickle by nature, and at times may become laidback which hampers the growth of their otherwise flourishing relationship. They are inspiring, but also jealous too vehemently guarding their love. Of all the elements, people with their Venus in the water signs are exceptionally receptive, and their romantic style of responding set many a hearts ticking. If they cure their jealousy, they are ideal lovers erecting fairy-tale castles for their beloved.

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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