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The Birth Chart and Your Caliber to Connect with the ‘Other Worlds’

Ever wondered how come you just know certain things that others don’t? Name it intuition, sensitivity, psychic awareness or empathy, it could elevate you or pull you down with heavy and painful emotions. The profound sense of awareness that you seem to possess can powerfully connect you with yourself and others. The planetary positions and specific aspects in your birth chart pinpoint the reasons behind your sensitivity and heightened forms of intuition.

Sun quincunx Neptune

In conjugation with your birth chart, your environment plays a key factor in shaping who you are. You are hypersensitive and easily influenced by the forces in your environment. Strong and dominating personalities could have regulated your behavioral patterns. Your psychically receptivity makes you exceptionally vulnerable to pollutants, discrepancies and discordance of every type. Your hypersensitivity to the environment becomes a challenge for you in many and extreme ways.

Moon sextile Neptune

It’s easy for you to psychically align yourself with the thoughts and emotions of other people. You’re not an intruder in their private worlds, but Moon sextile Neptune makes you naturally aware of other people’s sentiments and feelings. While you navigate through the emotional worlds of people you love, it becomes easier for you to connect psychically with your mother, sisters and female friends in particular.

Tuning in to others perceptivity makes you compassionate in your personal relationships. You love to be around gentle, peace-loving and artistically or spiritually inclined people as they further add to your ability to sympathize and harmonize your relationships.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

Spiritual and metaphysical subjects attract you, but your interests also tend to sway you away from matters of reality. You’re intuitive and have psychic abilities, but do not know how to differentiate between imagination and true perception. This confusion creates problems to function in regular life and makes it difficult for you to concentrate on practical and mundane matters which are of equal importance. Your mystic and idealism laces you generously with a sixth sense that also gives you a philosophical inclination.

Mercury sextile Neptune

Mercury sextile Neptune gives you an exceptional ability to traverse your imaginary world. You’re spiritual and have a deep need to be in touch with other worldly dimensions of life. This makes you original and intuitive. Spiritual and mystical subjects attract you giving you an expertise to write and speak on them. Your clairvoyant, and your ability to penetrate into the deeper and intangible worlds  give you an ability to  write fiction, fantasy and poetry.

Mercury trine Neptune

You’re an artist and are creative by nature. Mundane and rational subjects are banal and boring for you. Your imagination is your power giving you the intelligence for original and gifted writing. Psychic phenomena, telepathy and metaphysics interests you and you are also highly receptive to such intangible segments of life.

Mercury opposite Neptune

You’re sensitive to auras of people and places. You have strong instincts and can easily align with other people’s feelings and emotions. You tend to navigate in your imagery and fantasy which keeps you happy and rolling through the day. While you’re happy navigating your creativity, you tend to force your dreams and imagination over others. This created confusion and problems in your personal relationships and life in general.

Uranus sextile Neptune

You’re a liberal when it comes to matters of spirituality. A free thinker by nature, you believe in modeling a Utopian world for mankind. Your psychical and highly intuitive nature makes you experience altered states of consciousness which could be hard for others to encounter. Without really working hard, you will make progress in metaphysical and metaphysical worlds.

Neptune in the 12th house

You’re delicate when it comes to the emotional matters in life. You’re open to the circulating undercurrents of emotionality which makes you receptive to what other people are thinking in the environment. This makes you psychic and along with it, hidden and intangible worlds grab your attention. While you spend time and energy aligning yourself with the concealed worlds, people might not see you actively involved in the mundane matters of life. Remaining latent for a major period of your life, it’s in your adulthood that you will express yourself as a fully awakened individual.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven

You’re receptive to the subtle realms that hugely influence your ambitions and drive in life. While your mystical abilities fine-tune you to the unseen worlds, your imagination is strengthened by your intuition and sensitivity. Your imagination is your power generator which gives you an ability to create and visualize. Both these factors could become an important part of your career. Your ultra-fine awareness to the hidden and operative energies makes you capable of healing and disseminating inspiring messages.

Neptune square Ascendant

You are highly receptive to people and happenings in your environment. Their energies deeply affect you and could confuse you emotionally. Others emotions and energies could color your thinking patterns. You display chameleon-like quality as you take up the energies of the person you’re with and may start behaving on the similar lines. It is thus essential that you draw a clear line and secure your pool of emotionality and maintain your distinct identity.

Neptune trine Ascendant

Neptune trine Ascendant makes you open and receptive to people the way they are. Your free and fair thinking does not judge people on the superficial making you sympathize with them to your best possible extent. Your complete and non judgmental acceptance makes you intelligently perceptive to the subtle patterns of thought and behavior of other people. As you’re psychically in tune with their feelings and try your best to guide them, be careful to not make them rely too much on your encouraging and nurturing qualities.

Pluto in the 12th house

Pluto in your 12th house makes you a phoenix in your own right. The many personal crises that lay along your path makes you suspend your temporary failures and rise from them like a high soaring eagle. That’s where you know how to apply your complex energies and bring about your transformation.

Your intuition aligns you naturally to the unconscious worlds of mystery. You have the knack of pulling out skeletons from the cupboards! Your psychoanalytical calibre enables you to uncover secrets, decipher dreams and connect with the underworld. Your personal crisis, bouts of extreme energies and secret metamorphosis makes you a phoenix in truest of the sense.

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