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An academic test cannot measure intelligence. In fact, there are eight different types of intelligence, and not all of them involve mathematical calculations.

Some people are better at sports, others at painting and reading. Each zodiac sign has its own motivations and talents and approaches its surroundings at its own pace and style.

Here are the brightest zodiac signs based on the eight types of intelligence:

  • Logical-mathematical intelligence: the best zodiac sign at solving puzzles, logic exercises, and doing calculations are Virgo. They have a very rational mind and usually know the answer to specific problems before even putting them into words.

  • Intrapersonal intelligence: People with this intelligence know themselves very well, enjoy working alone, have ambitious goals, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Scorpio and Capricorn match this description. These signs are very disciplined and focus on achieving their purposes.
  • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence: This type of intelligence refers to the ability to express one’s ideas, thoughts, and intentions through bodily expression. The smartest signs in this area are the fire signs, i.e., Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These individuals are great at playing sports, dancing, acting, running, and moving their bodies without getting tired.

  • Personal intelligence: Unlike intrapersonal intelligence, these individuals enjoy teamwork, are good mediators, and love to meet new people. Libra is the smartest of all the signs regarding this type of intelligence, as they know how to blend in with others and make them feel welcome.
  • Spatial intelligence: This type of intelligence tests the capacity of thinking in three dimensions. These individuals are good at painting, reading maps, taking pictures, and building things. Aquarius is the smartest sign when it comes to spatial intelligence. Their creative and bright mind makes them the best at these types of work.

  • Musical intelligence: People with this type of intelligence have a natural gift for learning about different kinds of sounds. This skill makes them excellent musicians, singers, songwriters, and concert enthusiasts. Pisces is the brightest zodiac sign regarding musical intelligence and everything related to the ineffable world of art.
  • Linguistic intelligence: Gemini is the brightest zodiac sign in reading, writing, telling stories, making jokes, and engaging in all kinds of word games. They are very curious and love to learn about different topics. They also have good communication skills and get along with almost everyone.

  • Naturalistic intelligence: This intelligence is related to environmental issues, nature, and animals. Taurus and Cancer are the smartest when caring for the environment, camping, understanding animals, and spending time surrounded by plants and trees.