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Virgo May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

In May, you may have more intense and heated interactions than usual with your partner. Your ability to stay calm and resist pressure is tested and while you should be open to some of what he's saying, you should not be cajoled or rushed. Your ability to balance your own needs with the demands of partners is key, don't be drawn into a position of weaknesses just to maintain harmony.

This is not the best time to start negotiations about anything important to your future, your finances or even your sex life, as the atmosphere is volatile and not very rational. Your partner has more to lose by being difficult or stubborn, so sit back and allow the storm to pass, don't get drawn into his issues or frustrations.

In general, relationships will feel more competitive, but this can be creative and stimulating as long as neither of you feel threatened by the expression of different opinions and ideas about your future.

During this month your dating or romantic life can take a dramatic and unexpected turn. You may have experiences with a new date that leave an indelible impression upon you and which may serve as a catalyst for you taking steps, even extreme measures to transform the way you approach you love life. Events can prove a wakeup call. In some cases you will suddenly fall in love deeply with a guy that's really different to anything you would have ever expected to have liked. In other cases, a guy you thought was perfect and who seemed highly predictable turns out to have a hidden agenda

This is an excellent time to borrow money, remortgage or initiate a change to your business to save tax.

Income streams related to subscriptions, donations or tips can increase. People tend to be generous with you. You may have success applying for a grant or incentive package.

This month you can achieve public recognition, victory, and success. During this month many goals can be brought to a successful conclusion, but you have to keep your foot on the accelerator.

You may be publicly acknowledged for your ideas or contribution to your field of expertise, as well as for your concrete results. You may receive an award or some sort of public acclaim.

While this period can prove unsettling, circumstances will allow you to reach realizations and to understand that there was more to your relationship and family life than met the eye.

What you once considered very complex or even emotionally uncomfortable, may now come into focus, bringing possible breakthroughs to convoluted issues that seem to have no beginning or end.

The New Moon is on the 30th of April and extends until the 16th of May, so this is an excellent time for your New Moon rituals and your initiation of new projects. As the New Moon is in Taurus, your 9th solar house, this is a great time for getting inspired about your life purpose, engaging faith, being expansive and adjusting your life philosophy.

This is a wonderful time for getting excited about your life again and thinking expansively about what's possible and what would add adventure.

Mercury is retrograde meaning this period is more about reflection and pontification than making solid decisions. You must think laterally rather than always factually, join the dots and seeing a big picture.

The activation of Uranus can make you very restless and independent, so you are less likely to want to follow orders and more likely to want to strike out on your own and be daring in you thought process, writings or speeches. This is an excellent time to be teaching science or high technology subjects.

This is a great time to further your education, through both formal courses or by doing your own extensive research or reading. It's a great time to branch into a brand-new emerging field of study.

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Analytical, caring, detail-oriented, pragmatic


Critical, lack of confidence, workaholic

Virgo likes

Work, routine, puzzles, solving enigmas

Virgo dislikes

Spontaneous getaways, taking the limelight, trusting their intuition

Virgo are conscious about the role they play in the world’s machinery. These individuals are very organized and detail-oriented, as they know every small step is relevant to the final result.

Virgo’s are rational and don’t venture into the unknown without calculating the risk. They are also very caring and cooperative and never complain about doing some extra work.

They prefer to go under the radar and sometimes struggle to stand up for themselves. They thrive on discipline, routine, and work, so spontaneous getaways are not their favorite activity.

Virgo’s are health-conscious and take care of their diet, although sometimes they push it too far and end up prone to hypochondriasis.

Virgo is an earth sign, which is why these individuals are very down-to-earth and deal with their circumstances with a rational approach.

Virgo trust their experiences instead of their intuition and don’t like to take risks. They are also very prudent and frugal. Virgo’s do not like to spend money on luxuries or things that don’t serve a practical purpose.

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet that represents our mental process and intellectual activity. This is why Virgo individuals are brilliant and love to solve puzzling enigmas. They can grasp complicated concepts quickly and are skilled in research environments.

What does the Virgo sign mean?

Virgo is a rational sign who always takes care of the details and thrives on supporting others in their task. They struggle to lead others or break their routine, as they genuinely enjoy  planning their day in an orderly fashion.

What is Virgo attracted to?

They are attracted to understanding and self-confident people, such as Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn.

What type of person is a Virgo?

Virgo is a kind and gentle person with vast intelligence and always trying to help others and work to make the world run smoothly.

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