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Scorpio July 2024 Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio, July 2024 is going to bring a lot of big changes to your life. You'll feel like a completely new person who needs to update your current lifestyle. This will be connected to better physical health because you might start exercising and eating better too.

Be social; you might meet someone who would introduce you to a new community that fits your new self and where you could make new friends and connections. Don't leave your partner out of your activities; otherwise, you might regret it.

There will be a lot of changes for you in July, Scorpio. Thanks to Uranus, you'll want to explore new things and experiment. Since this will help you in many parts of life, you'll stick with this mindset even in the future. Unfortunately, your relationship might not work well for you because of this attitude, unless your partner shares the same views. However, if your partner wants to keep their feet on the ground, you'll be incompatible, and you'll stand up for yourself, which could cause you to say things you never meant to say out loud.

You want more control over how people see you. In July, that will mean looking at how you spend your time and how you present yourself. Are you in the places you want to be in? Are you attracting the right people into your life? Are you doing what you really want to be doing?

An authority figure in your life can bring in some balance - and they might inspire you to find this side of yourself, too. Because you feel comfortable with them, you'll find yourself opening up and digging deeper into your personal healing. You know there are parts of your mindset you want to change and you're motivated to get to work, especially with your co-ruler Mars entering Gemini.

Chances to show off your talents, abilities, and hard work will be available towards the end of the month. When these come up, don't take criticism too seriously, especially if the criticism is helpful. Although these critiques can be upsetting, be open-minded as these suggestions can support your cause.

The 5th would be a great day to finish up something that you've been working on. A feeling about making more money is yours on the 21st. Avoid the tendency to be stubborn with others by doing a solo project on the 23rd.

New opportunities are coming your way soon. A new project you take on will leave you satisfied, emotionally too. A female senior at work or your mother back at home will help you get through any troubles in the new month and help you to do better in life. You might get into a romantic relationship during the month. Avoid blocking your emotions and speak to people you trust or it might harm your health. Try getting into a physical activity for better health.

Neptune retrogrades in Pisces and your 5th House of Pleasure, leading you to change how you celebrate yourself and perhaps value privacy more. During the Cancer new moon, you are tasked with finding new ways to handle stress and anxiety.

Thanks to wise Pallas ending its retrograde and going direct in your sign, you'll feel more grounded this month. In exciting news, opulent Venus moves into your ambitious 10th House, bringing potential fame your way. A full moon in Capricorn is accented by your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, forming a positive aspect with one another, bringing luck to an otherwise rocky day.

When the sun moves into Leo, your 10th House further gets the spotlight, indicating that it's a great month to get ahead professionally. However, because Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde in your 6th House of Health, you simply must maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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Resilient, passionate, courageous, loyal


Jealous, aggressive, controlling, distrustful

Scorpio likes

Long-term relationships, mysteries, power, being in control

Scorpio dislikes

Emotional outbursts, dishonest people, superficial interactions

Scorpio welcomes us to the dark side. It represents the Freudian unconscious, where taboos, fears, pain, and conflicts are housed. But since people avoid dealing with these topics, they hide them in the back of the basement and act as if they did not exist.

That is why Scorpios are very intense beings, but they know how to control their reactions perfectly. They may be feeling a whirlwind of emotions inside, but their outward appearance won’t reveal it.

Others have a hard time deciphering these signs as no mistakes slip through their fingers. Scorpios are constantly monitoring others and their environment.

They are suspicious of strangers’ intentions and won’t open up to anyone until they pass specific tests to prove their loyalty. These signs are very powerful and can endure a lot of stress to achieve their goals, sometimes neglecting their health or leisure time in between.

Scorpio is a water sign, but not just any kind of water. They live their experiences with the same force of a tsunami, as they are passionate and intense in their reactions. Scorpios love madly and struggle to detach themselves from their lovers. They are magnetic signs and captivate their partners, mastering the art of carnal seduction.

Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto, representing the underworld. Scorpios are familiar with pain and death firsthand. However, instead of rendering them weak, their suffering becomes the driving force of their existence, empowering them to become stronger.

That is why they are not afraid of conflict, especially if it can uncover a hidden truth. They know about healing and can support those who are going through painful experiences to overcome them.

What does the Scorpio sign mean?

Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign. They find it hard to trust others at first, but once they do, they prove to be very loyal and will cherish that relationship for a lifetime.

What is Scorpio attracted to?

Scorpios are attracted to mysteries, the occult, what people hide under their social masks.

They like to relate to honest and deep people like Pisces, Capricorn, and Taurus.

What type of person is a Scorpio?

Scorpio is an empathetic person who tries to control their reactions to avoid coming across as weak. They are familiar with the dark side of life and are not afraid to talk about what others try to conceal.

They are committed and loyal and expect the same from their relationships.

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