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Life Path 33 – The Raw Power of the Mystical Number 33

Number 33 is a Master Teacher. 33 is a sacred number and is found hidden in many signs and forms. Spine- the reservoir of all spiritual energy has 33 vertebrae, Jesus lived for 33 years and the temple of Solomon stood for nearly 33 years. It is a highly charged number, and those born with it are blessed with its electric vibration that enables them to deliver to the best of their potential.

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Compatibility Check: Which Zodiac Sign is Your Ideal Mate?

Compatibility is the most important thing in a relationship. When two people are able to relate with each other on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical level it creates a foundation for a strong relationship.

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How Will the Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac?

Planets are constantly moving as they revolve around the Sun. During the course of this movement, they travel through all the 12 signs of the zodiac. The time that they take to move across a particular zodiac sign has an impact on that sign. This is the most basic definition of transit.

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What kind of a co-worker you are based on your Zodiac?

Have you ever wondered what kind of a co-worker you are? Just like all the other aspects of life, your zodiac also plays an important role in your career. Let’s just take an example, why are you the way you are? This is because of your basic nature and behaviour directly connected to astrological influences.

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Know what makes you feel secure based on your zodiac sign

Security can never be optional or a matter of choice. It’s an absolute expression of innate power meant to be exercised than kept hidden, and it’s not only money that can impart a complete sense of security. Even things like high heels become an asset for security, an adage for tremendous self-expression.

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Numerology – Here’s What Your Life Path Number Tells About You

The concept of Numerology has made its way through mathematics. Known as the only language of the universe, it has proven that the whole creation can be explained through math. Surprising right? This is all pure and natural system the way the planet moves, river flows and things fall.

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