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What does your zodiac symbol mean?

Each astrological symbol has a unique meaning. Some come from ancient mythology, while others resemble ancient languages that were buried long ago. Here’s what all 12 symbols of the zodiac signs mean.

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What’s the role of Earth in astrology?

Whether you’re a grounded Earth sign or a whimsical air sign, the energies of Earth affect all of us in different ways. Even if our planet doesn’t have a prominent role to play in your natal chart, it can still have a significant influence on your life. Here’s a quick guide to Earth’s role in astrology.

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The best house plants for every zodiac sign

Want to fill your home with house plants that align with your energy? We’ve picked out the best house plants for every zodiac sign. So, whether you’re a spotlight-seeking Leo or a peace-loving Taurus, you’ll find a green companion that’s right for you.

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Palm Reading: Indicators of Love in Palmistry

Palms can tell us a lot about our lives. And one of the most significant areas they can predict is our love life. Don’t have time for a full palm reading, or want to understand more about a friend or partner? Here’s how to read the signs of love on your palm.

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10 things repeated numbers could mean about your future

Some numbers seem to follow us around. Whether significant events always seem to fall on a date with a four in it or you intuitively check the time around 3:03, it’s probably not just coincidence. Here’s what these ten digits could be trying to tell you about your existence, according to the science.

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The Birth Chart and Your Caliber to Connect with the ‘Other Worlds’

Ever wondered how come you just know certain things that others don’t? Name it intuition, sensitivity, psychic awareness or empathy, it could elevate you or pull you down with heavy and painful emotions. The profound sense of awareness that you seem to possess can powerfully connect you with yourself and others.

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