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Numerology - Here's What Your Life Path Number Tells About You

Numerology - Here's What Your Life Path Number Tells About You

The concept of Numerology has made its way through mathematics. Known as the only language of the universe, it has proven that the whole creation can be explained through math. Surprising right? This is all pure and natural system the way the planet moves, river flows and things fall. It's absolutely amazing how mathematics can explain every single thing. This language is constant and no revolution, culture transformation or technology can deny the existence of mathematics. It translates the spiritual world through its formulas.

"Numerology denotes the number that defines the divine logic"

Your date of birth encodes your personality, life purpose, goals and much more. These cycles can direct your karmic pathway! Your traits, career, friendships and personalities are defined to know the aspect of your existence. Your destiny number is obtained by adding up your day, month and year. The western numerology has named it "The life path number". This indicates an individual's life path where the number run from 1 to 9. The master numbers that is 11, 22, 33 are known to have the double power of the single digits. The meaning of finding out the path number is to understand the energy that surrounds each area of our lives. While everyone is born on a different date, your birth date represents the starting point of your life. Path number will help you determine your true self and your life's journey.

Here's an example to find out the life path number:

Let's just say, you were born on 12 January 1990. So,
Month: January = 1
Day = 1+2 = 3
Year = 1+9+9+0 = 1 + 9 = 10 (Make sure you consider full year, 1990 and not just '90)
Add the total of all 1+3+10 = 1 + 4 = 5
This way your life path number is identified as 5.

This number will relate your cycle and you can find out where you're heading towards in life. The life path numbers will help you cope up with different circumstances in life. Whether it's relationship, career or health, this will give you a better understanding in solving your problems in order to have a better future. Read over to know your life path number.

Life Path 1

If your life's path number is 1 then it suggests that you are born with the skill of a leader! It teaches the importance of believing in yourself, personal satisfaction and independence. On the positive side, your creativity and originality will help you implement your desires. You are gifted with organizational skills that make you capable of running a business. Although several circumstances can make you self-centred and demanding if negativity gets in your way. You are honest, principled and have great self-respect. You don't tolerate laziness and make a point to stay active and positive. Little flexibility in accepting the sudden change will enhance your charm.

Life Path 2

People with path 2 are peacemakers! If you're the one then you're a great listener and observer! Being a fixer, you want things to happen naturally instead of forcing it. Path 2 people are definitely persuasive while embracing their spiritual strength makes them an idealistic person. Traits like being intuitive and visionary make you interesting among the society. You own a personality of a deep thinker. You love mysteries! If you're living positively, you're a mediator, you can settle the disputes in an unbiased way. Your honesty makes you blend with people very well but negativity can make you overly sensitive and nervous. Utilise your skills to serve the best for society.

Life Path 3

Path 3's are gifted with wonderful creativity and great communication skills. Your innovative engaging ways makes you achieve your targets. You were born to be the entertainers of the world. Bright and sparking people with a positive attitude, you're full of it! The profession of speaking, writing or acting is best suited for you. The positive side of the path holds harmony, beauty and pleasures. You're friendly, a good listener and definitely a good homie which makes you happy and inspired person. The negative side can turn you into moody and you will often find it hard to settle for one position. Take care of your intolerant and over-optimistic nature.

Life Path 4

Path 4 are born with the skill of planning, fixing and building things to make it work. You're highly practical by nature, path 4. You're known to be the most trustworthy and down to earth people out there. As path 4, you build the society! Being idealistic in nature, your desire to work can bring you enormous success and fame. 4's are dedicated to working and often are the managers and entrepreneurs in the community. You're definitely set in your ways to handle things as they're supposed to be. If lived positively, you can awesomely manage and organize your work while negativity will make you miss the major opportunities. Try being determined to achieve your goals.

Life Path 5

You make the world a better place, path 5! With the highly progressive mindset and attitude, you represent the freedom. The journey with your advanced thoughts makes it adventurous to pursue your freedom. Being an ultimate progressive thinker, your skills for law and government positions are perfect for you. You know exactly how to motivate people through your great communication skills. The positivity suggests you bring changes and improvements in life while the negative can lead you to confusion and lack of direction. Try taking a healthy decision with a proper introspection.

Life Path 6

Path 6 holds a chain of justice, truth, domesticity and righteousness. You're always a perfect caretaker and the head of the family. Being the most responsible path, your life revolves around your family and home. You're a humanitarian and your best contribution can be done through the advise and services. Serving is your nature by birth! Friends and family are your priorities. The positive side such as wisdom, understanding and balance can help you to have a better approach to life while the negative side can make you a slave to others, especially your close ones. This can make you uncomfortable and uneasy at times. Try not to be too hard on yourself.

Life Path 7

You are gifted with the keen observation, investigation and analytical skills. Your evaluation of a situation is real quick. You meet high standards for being a perfectionist at your work. With an affectionate and peaceful soul, you can also recognize the insincere people around you. You make friends for life! Also, you are more of an introvert, away from so-called modern life. The strength of being practical, scientific and intellectual are some of your positive attributes. Whereas the negative can lead to a pessimistic and negative attitude that could make you little selfish by nature. The stability can bring you some balance.

Life Path 8

You were born to lead, govern and organize. You're very much ambitious and goal oriented. Building a niche for yourself is your biggest dream. Path 8 is gifted with an asset to judge the potential and character of a person around them. Your hard work will bring you a definite success. You're often a workaholic, practical and have a clear objective towards your goal. Your positive side holds a potential of far-reaching ideas and schemes while the negative side could make you materialistic in nature that excludes the attachment with people. Try avoiding the opinions of others and be yourself!

Life Path 9

Path 9 is all about generosity and a sense of compassion! You're a complete humanitarian by nature. Being trustworthy and honest are your compassionate tendencies. 9, the high digit in numbers holds a position of responsibility. Your best trait includes your selfless attitude and giving up of material possessions. Just like the magnet, you make friends easily. You are sensitive and understanding as a person. You express your emotions through the art when you are at your best. While the negative side could be the competitive business environment that you may find as a struggle. Try to give yourself some satisfaction and happiness too.