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Know what makes you feel secure based on your zodiac sign

Security can never be optional or a matter of choice. It’s an absolute expression of innate power meant to be exercised than kept hidden, and it’s not only money that can impart a complete sense of security. Even things like high heels become an asset for security, an adage for tremendous self-expression. Ever wondered what is the security stuff that makes you feel powerful, steady, and unshakeable? A hug or a kiss from a munchkin would be enough to make one feel secure and safe, but each to his own. Stars also weave their way out in making the fledglings born under their enormous expanse, sound, and security. Here are the zodiac signs and their traits spun by the star positions to impart a deep nuance of fulfillment and weave magic, wonderfully paving a way out when one dives in a soup.


This head sign is one of the four cardinal signs recognized in astrology.

1) They are the action initiators of the zodiac and are ambitious. The Ram is a self-motivated creature imparting itself the highest sense of security.
2) Aries is a fiery sign. They feel secure when they are given their due zone of comfort and cooling and yet be respected for their inquisitiveness and fierce temperament. Their leadership qualities and courage are something they can dwell on.

‘Strong as an iron’ and ‘fighting mad’ is the key expressions relating to this inflammatory and violent sign. These expressions become self-explanatory of the inner strengths that form the core anchor for the hot-blooded Ram.


‘Pleiades’, a cluster of seven stars noted for their mutual sympathy and affection lies in Taurus. The sweet influences of these seven daughters of Atlas, the upholder of heaven and earth make Taurus kindly and sympathetic.

1) Taurians hunt for security and, deep and serious relationships. Loyalty and stability matter the most to these bulls.

2) Their key strength is also persistence which makes them self-reliant. Our bulls do not need an external intervention which makes them persevering and fearless.

‘Deep as a well’ and ‘stubborn as a bull’ are the expressions that narrate the patient and fore bearing Taurus.


Falling under the category of a mutable sign, Gemini are highly adaptable. The Gemini by the Chinese are associated with the three little monkeys with hands over eyes, ears and mouth. Probably this makes our double bodied Gemini idealists.

1) Eloquent and expressive, tolerance is a virtue and also a source from where their security springs forth.

2) Tolerance combined with liberalism and broadmindedness which is ample in Gemini makes for a lethal combination.


The Crab without doubt signifies possession and retention. Besides being fanciful and creative, Cancerians are patient and conscientious. The expression ‘By the light of the silvery moon’ aptly describes the enigmatic Cancer since it’s the only sign governed by Moon; a celestial dictator of sensitivities, emotions and intuitions.

1) It is a sign that craves relationships highlighting their emotional part. Their devotion to ones they love and maternal instincts are their key source of strength and security. Their family is their nest where they cocoon feeling highly secure and safe.

2) Also appreciation is their basic need. Enough appreciation or at least the right amounts can elevate their spirits while none can defile and hurt them.

So for those around the ‘Crab’ know what to do with their tongues!


Leo is a fixed sign. The ‘Big Cat’ undoubtedly could be graded in perfect synchrony with the ‘fixity’ due to its determined gaze and unyielding standpoint. Being chivalrous, fearless and charismatic is obvious to the people born of this zodiac. But they are also truly inspirational and inspiring!

1) Honesty and sincerity are their major cards they play on. Absolutely nothing can define and defy their honesty. It’s a kingly quality which also makes them outspoken.

2) They are also king sized when it comes to kindness. Kindness is the muscle of the strong. Their compassion makes them secure and philanthropic on a grand scale.

Goes an anonymous saying, “Work hard and be kind and that is all”. Well, where it is naturally applicable to the Leos, others must indeed work hard to prove the point. Though mercurial, these fierce lions shelter a merry heart which doeth good like a medicine. While in soup, they know which organ of their bodies to dig in- their heart, which is a storehouse or ardent power and electrifying energy.


“Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost” defines the ‘mutable’ Virgin. Virgos are deeply contemplative and nothing can miss their discerning eye.

1) Perception and method are their key traits which they rely on and draw conclusions from.

2) Their strong intuition and sharp intelligence define their core security circuit. Though selfish and mercenary, their prudence and thoughtfulness are the reserves they tap in the face of danger and this makes them malleable and highly adaptable proving it to be a mutable sign.


Dear Libra, you are spoken of as humane and scientific. You truly represent justice, balance and generosity. But you are cardinal too, which makes you a reacting sign.

1) Insightful and active, you react to make peace, and are an ultimate peacemaker for the quarreling ones around you.

2) ‘In union there is strength’ and ‘when in doubt, be silent’, are the expressions that define your foresightedness and well balanced temperament, grading them as your key security helpmates.


Sting upheld! You are a fixed sign. Scorpios are known to have a highly fertile mind. These arachnids rely too much on their intelligence and can attain to great heights. They are known for their healing and surgical abilities. These ready to attack and fearless creatures are packed with measureless energies. Do they ever feel insecure then? Of course they do. They like when things are in control and find it very threatening when it appears just the opposite.

1) During these times, their copious amounts of patience, persistence and entrenched pools of intelligence, concentration and intuition are their salient source which they fall back on when in crisis or the need be.

2) Also physical proximity matters to these Pluto lovers. Emotional intelligence and closeness appeals to Scorpio, and they feel secure when such emotionally flowering and ripe vibrations are communicated to them.

“Still waters run deep”, “The eye of an eagle” and “Gets into hot water” are the expressions which elucidate this often misunderstood, potent, occult, reproductive and sex hungry sign.


These Archers- half horse and half man happen to be a mutable sign. This makes them adaptable and lead a simple life. For them, simplicity is security and is a prolific expression encircling life.

1) These archers are extremely confident which gives them an upper hand over others. “Being Confident” is panache and self explanatory serving them a coveted palate of security and self dependability.

2) Sagittarians are not all that good at handling rejection and disappointment. Their positivity can plummet when things are not going good. But they are blessed with a buoyant spirit. Helping them to bounce back from difficulties and reviving their spirit puts them at ease and makes them feel secure. Their logic and charity are their pools of balance, security and safety that they constantly draw upon.

“For he’s a jolly good fellow” and “Hitting the bull’s eye” are the expressions that best describe these violent but fruitful archers.


Dear ‘Fish-Goat Hybrid’, you are an action oriented sign which makes you cardinal.

1) Capricorns are impenetrably thoughtful, responsible, concentrated and cautious. Due to these hard but excellent qualities, tender love can make them feel secure and safe. Besides, familiarity and comfort can sooth a headstrong Cappy and put her/him at ease.

2) They exhibit a conservative nature. These creatures have come to accept that trial, difficulty and suffering is an inseparable limb of life, and will choose security over flightiness. Appreciation means a lot to these sea goats and definitely become a means to gain their trust and establish closeness with them.

Capricorns connote the decay of the lower mind and rise of the spiritual. “It is always darkest just before dawn” and “A watched pot never boils” are the expressions that truly describe catabolism and metamorphosis seen in this mature and earthy sign.


You, the Waterbearer, take pride! You are a unique and an electric thinker of the zodiac. Aquarius are childlike dreamers and feel secure with somebody who respects them for what they are.

1) Trust is everything to these waterbearers. High in moral obligations and extremely loyal, they are idealists in their own right. They know exactly the reasons for their security and the one respecting and possessing these precious attributes will win them over.

2) Aquarius are truth seekers. Lying can toss them off. Though steady and patient, somebody with a true heart and temperament can make them feel secure and safe.

John Fletcher, a playwright appropriately said:

“Man is his own star, and the soul that can render an honest and a perfect man, commands all light”.

This probably sums up an idealist and an honest Aquarius, and the nuances behind the words that can impart her/him the securities that she/he seeks.


Can vulnerability ever become a virtue or strength? Well, for Pisces, yes. They find vulnerability beautiful, and wouldn’t want to live any other way. Watery and mutable, this sign is capable of measuring the undercurrents of life.

1) Self-pity and insecurity often overcomes this vulnerable species. In constant need of affection, they feel secure with someone who can inject copious amounts of love, appreciation and affection in these free swimmers.

2) Their perception and spirituality become their core source that they thrive on and feed security and strength into these otherwise self-deprecating, dreamy, negative and emphatic creatures.

Pisces represents a water body. Just like the two lungs of man bathed in blood, Pisces pictured by the two fish must be constantly bathed in the waters of spiritualism, love, affection and ample brightening.

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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