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10 things you should (and shouldn’t) do during a full moon

The Moon cycles provide valuable insights into our emotional state and the intentions we are manifesting in our livesThere are times, such as the New Moon when we seed our desires, and other times, such as the Full Moon, when we harvest those wishes we sow, whether we are aware of it or not.

The more we synchronize with the cycles of the Moon, the easier it is to fulfill our longings and get aligned to our highest self. Everything you have been undergoing during the whole month comes to its maximum potential during the Full Moon. It is a time to pause and reflect before embarking on a new project, a time to let go of what no longer serves you and prepare for a new cycle.

Here are ten things you should (and should not) do during the Full Moon:


These individuals are some of the most outgoing and confident. Aries always wants to be first and never takes too long to confess when they have a crush.

These signs are desire-driven and do not waste their time to appease their cravings. So if they like you, you’ll know very quickly, as they’ll ask you out as soon as they have a chance.

Clear your mind and physical space: The Full Moon brings purification and cleansing effects to our overall system. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to purge your mind of clutter, put an end to dragging projects, and tidy up your home.

Consider smoking your room with sandalwood, taking a long salt bath, and throwing away those objects that are taking up valuable space in your life.


Taurus does not like making the first moves and would rather wait for others to come to them. Being a fixed sign, they have all the patience in the world! Making them miss some good opportunities at times.

However, they are also romantic and sensual individuals, so if they really like you, they will give you all sorts of unique gifts and take care of every detail to make you feel comfortable. You will also notice them approaching you physically and maintaining eye contact for more extended periods.

Charge and clean your crystals: The powerful force of the Full Moon renews environmental energies, so it is the ideal time to recharge your crystals and remove any negative vibes they may have absorbed.

You can put them in your window all night long, and they will be completely restored in the morning.


Gemini is a charming and very friendly zodiac sign. These individuals will make you doubt the most, as they get along with all kinds of people. Besides, their dualistic nature might be confusing and overwhelming. But this is their Achilles’ heel!

If you notice they start acting cold and distant out of the blue, this is a pretty good sign they are falling in love with you. They will also try to be extra fun when you are around, going to great lengths to make you laugh.

Meditate: Meditation is not only an effective method to reduce anxiety. It helps you tap into your intuition and make decisions based on your spiritual purpose and not on your ego’s whims.

Meditating during the full moon will make you more conscious about the projects you are embarking on, ensuring a more meaningful journey in the upcoming cycle.


These signs are very warm and nurturing, although they are also timid and struggle to open up to others. You’ll know a Cancer is into you because they’ll give you a lot of affection and share their intimate stories with you.

They might not make the first move, but they will blush as soon as they see you and wait until they are sure you feel the same way.

Release your energy: The built-up emotional energy of the month is more evident during a Full Moon.

Try going to your backyard or a quiet park, taking off your shoes, and shaking your body around to transfer that energy to the ground.


Leo individuals are outgoing, passionate, and very confident. They are not afraid of public displays of affection; the bigger they are, the better!

You’ll know they are into you because they’ll make sure you notice it with a big dramatic gesture that will melt your heart.

Cut out unhealthy habits: The Full Moon invites you to pause and reflect on your current circumstances. What relationships, patterns, or behaviors do you still hold on to but don’t serve your greater purpose?

It is time to cut them off and release the emotional baggage you have been carrying around. 


These signs have a slow and pragmatic approach to love. If they have a crush on you, you’ll notice they will be very attentive to your habits, likes, dislikes, and every little detail they can get through a keen observation process.

They are shy and might not ask you on a date at first, but they will make sure you are invited to all of their group activities to get to know you better in a casual setting.

Update your wish list: This is a great time to reflect on the goals you set a few weeks ago and review whether you achieved them or need to update them.

You don’t need to establish new goals, as there will soon be a time for that. Just make sure you cross off those things you no longer want to pursue.


Libra is a friendly air sign which is passionate about everything related to love and relationships. If they are into you, they might not tell you directly as they always wait for the other person to approach them.

However, they will tell all their friends and colleagues about it, so it won’t be long before the news reaches your ears.

Rest: Make sure you get enough sleep and take your time with your duties. The Full Moon stirs even the deepest of emotions, and you are likely to be more sensitive than usual.

Relax and don’t push yourself too hard to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs of all the zodiac. However, they are also very secretive and make sure no one notices their true intentions.

If they have a crush on you, they will silently stare at you with their magnetic gaze, an experience that will make you want to approach them and find out more about this intriguing person.

Do not undertake new projects: Some people feel inspired and highly energized during the Full Moon. If this is your case, resist the urge to embark on new projects, try new experiences, or make crucial decisions.

Focus on wrapping up any ongoing processes and wait a few weeks before putting all your energy into breaking new ground.


These signs are spontaneous, confident, and very fond of telling the truth. If they like you, they won’t keep the secret in for too long.

Being a fire sign, they are candid and don’t like to waste their time thinking about “what if.”

Don’t panic!: Keep in mind that your emotions will be peaking during the Full Moon, which can make you overreact to tiny nuances that didn’t bother you before.

Just remember that this is a temporary state, and everyone is going through the same process! This will spare you from unnecessary dramas that will bring no benefit to your life.


Capricorns are reserved, disciplined, and at times, loners. They put their work and responsibilities at the top of the list and deal with their emotions afterward.

This is why they take their time to make a move when they are in love. They don’t care about fleeting affairs, so they’ll invest a lot of effort to build a strong relationship with the person they like.

They might not be very passionate, but their manners will be impeccable, and they’ll make you feel like the most special person in the world.

Avoid making rash decisions: During the Full Moon, our judgment is clouded, as if we were drunk. We feel excited, sensitive, and ready to make impulsive decisions that we will later regret.

Hold your horses for a few days before committing to process the information correctly.

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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