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The mysterious world of tarot is undoubtedly a fascinating place that will lead you to tap into your intuitive powers and guide you through a lifetime of meaningful readings.

Of course, the number of cards and their valuable meaning can be overwhelming at first but don’t lose heart. Practice makes perfect, and you will pick up tarot much faster than you think.

If you have already purchased your first set of tarot cards and are ready to delve deeper into this ancient knowledge, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Use a deck you like: There is no way you can successfully learn tarot reading if you use a set of cards you don’t like. Choose a deck you feel a special connection with! This will help your intuition kick in, and you will feel more comfortable to start doing spreads.

Get a professional reading: One of the easiest ways to learn how to read tarot and understand its meaning is to get a tarot reading done by a professional.

By doing so, you can take notes on the way the cards are spread, the connections they make, and how they explain the cards’ meanings.

Bring a distinctive touch to your cards: Make a special pouch to keep your cards in, store them in a box painted with your favorite color, keep them in a particular corner of your room.

Do something that makes you feel that these cards are uniquely yours. By doing so, you will start to feel more comfortable owning your deck.


Temper your expectations: No matter how many classes you have taken or tutorials you have watched on youtube. It takes time to become familiar with tarot, and that is okay!

Consider that these cards and their knowledge will accompany you throughout your life, so you don’t need to know everything now. Be patient and allow yourself to make mistakes! When you least expect it, you will be mastering this new skill.

Let your intuition emerge: Tarot is an intuitive practice, and if you try to follow all the instructions to the letter, you will lose the essence of the spreads you are performing.

So, study the cards thoroughly but also let your intuition draw its own interpretations. This is how the magic of tarot happens.


Start by practicing a simple spread: You don’t need to fill the table with cards to impress your friends and family. Always go with the simple!

Find a basic spread that you can practice comfortably and work your way up from there. It doesn’t matter if there are only three cards involved; the whole point is to feel confident interpreting their meaning correctly.

Read yourself first: Some people are against this, but reading the cards for yourself regularly will help give others insights into their lives.

After you feel comfortable reading the cards to yourself, your spreads will be much richer for everyone who reach you with a problem to discuss.