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Predicting the future of our love life is one of, if not the main, interests of people who dabble in their birth chart. Some people think it is impossible to predict what destiny has in store for us, but in fact, our birth chart shows those areas in which we can find our potential soul mate, as well as the qualities and characteristics of our ideal partner.

Our birth chart also indicates what we expect from a love relationship and preconceptions about love and affection. In addition, astrological transits reveal the current emotional weather of each person’s life, when the Universe is doing its best to enhance your romantic life, and when it is better to focus on other matters.

These are the five astrological indicators that predict love in your birth chart:

Fifth House – Love and Romance

The fifth house represents new romances, the playful flirtation, and dalliance between two people with intense sexual chemistry. When several planets are transiting this house or are about to do so, you will feel sexy, eager to flirt, date, and above all, have fun!

So if you notice that Jupiter (the planet of expansion), Venus (the planet of love), Mars (the planet of desire), or Mercury (the planet of communication), are transiting your fifth house, you can expect to shine in your dating experiences.

Seventh House – Long term commitments and Marriage

The seventh house represents our long-term alliances. In this house, we are talking about serious and committed relationships that can be sustained in the future.

Suppose you want to know how soon you will form a serious relationship. In that case, you can check whether Saturn (the planet of stability and commitment) or Jupiter (the planet of expansion and good fortune) are transiting your seventh house.

This indicates that your current relationship has a solid foundation and your partner hopes to share a stable future with you.

When Venus aspects Saturn

Another important transit to take into account is the harmonious aspects between Venus and Saturn. Venus represents our love relationships, while Saturn brings discipline, commitment, structure, and responsibility.

When these two planets join together, it is an indication that a mature and lasting relationship is coming into your life.

When Venus aspects Jupiter

Likewise, when Jupiter and Venus make harmonious aspects, they bring excellent news to your love life.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good luck, new opportunities, will make your relationships almost effortless, and you will thoroughly enjoy your love life.

Progressed Moon

Progressed charts also reveal a lot of information about our love life. The progressed Moon takes about 2-3 years to move through a house, and when they change from one area to another, it brings significant changes into your life.

If your progressed Moon is transiting your seventh house, you are likely to establish a love relationship, plan your wedding, or simply meet the love of your life.