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Aquarius February 2023 Monthly Horoscope

Mercury in Saturn ruled Capricorn is in your twelfth house. You are quite erratic and you need time to think. You enjoy in depth conversations and study however you won't reach conclusions, you like to keep an open mind. You won't and shouldn't make any concrete decisions during this time, you need to fence sit and keep options open.

You will definitely make plans, analyze alternatives and start weighing up options, but it's much too soon to jump and commit to any new direction.

You are certainly open to new options and friends and colleagues have important input and advice for you. In terms of dating it's rather tricky to get involved during this phase, so proceed with caution as you may be toying with others or just experimenting in love. You can be very curious about a potential partner one minute and indifferent the next.

Mercury is conjunct Pluto square Jupiter as it makes a station, this makes you very deceptive and you tend to tell your partner what they want to hear. You are the king of avoidance during this phase and cannot be relied upon. You are creative and intuitive, but often your perceptions confuse and bewilder you.

During this period you are extremely sensitive and will avoid confrontation at all costs which is at the heart of any dishonesty.

You may suffer allergies and you have to be very careful of overindulging especially in alcohol.  You need to drink loads of water as your kidneys need to be flushed through.

You must also totally own everything you do or create and learn not to rely on approval nor flattery from others – know the quality of your own work and be not only your worst critic but also your biggest cheerleader.  While it is always great to have support, it is liberating to know that you support yourself and can push forward and excel by your own internal support structure alone.

Often in life, others will tell you that they want the best for you – this month and as you look forward, you need to realize that only you know what is best for you, and you need to resist any control, no matter how well meaning it may seem. It is time to recognize the many negative messages in your environment – these can be from your boss, peers, parents or media, and you may be so used to them that you no longer even notice them, i.e. prejudices, paranoia, siege mentality issues, etc.  You need to make a mental stand not to let these opinions that are often highly pervasive, influence you.  October is all about thinking as an individual and not being afraid, even if it isolates you in the short run – in the long run, you will win respect.

After the retrograde period, Jupiter enhances your confidence sexually, and your self-image, which will make you more giving, more willing to take changes romantically, and more forgiving – all of these factors mean that the font of love gushes. You are socially orientated and likely to want to spoil the one you love with spontaneous gifts or surprises.  It is not enough for you to say I LOVE YOU, you want to express that love in creative and highly personalized ways.  Actions, not words are your motto in love, and you will show your passion in many practical and passionate ways. In established relationships, your ability to be the bigger person and look beyond trivial issues will ensure you grow as a couple, and the bond deepens this month.

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Creative, advanced, humanitarian, authentic


Aloof, detach from emotions, too rational, inability to compromise

Aquarius likes

Spending time with friends, intellectual conversations, paranormal situations

Aquarius dislikes

Restrictions, solitude, conservative people, routine

Aquarius is the sign of rebellion, the energy that announces a new promising future. These individuals came into this world to challenge the status quo and expose injustices and obsolete laws to change them once and for all.

Aquarius are disruptive and unpredictable, which some people find scary. These beings don’t like routine or following any kind of rules. They march to the beat of their own drum, which means that no one can tame their wild spirit.

As children, most Aquarians suffered from the black sheep syndrome, as their cutting-edge ideas and revolutionary worldview contrasted with mainstream thinking. But as an adult, Aquarius love to spend time with their friends, who are as unruly and different as they are.

Aquarius is an air sign. They are very rational and intelligent, love to socialize, meet new people, and engage in stimulating conversations about the world. However, they shy away from overly emotional situations and intense relationships. Aquarius prefer to keep things casual before putting their freedom at stake.

Aquarius’s ruling planet is Uranus, known as “the awakener” since it brings sudden changes and significant transitions to the world. Aquarius are spontaneous and changeable.

They believe that a humdrum lifestyle is like a life sentence in prison and some upheavals are necessary to live an unrestricted existence.

What does the Aquarius sign mean?

Aquarius represents the future, the fight for a better world and challenging the status quo. These individuals are authentic, won’t hold back their opinions to keep others from getting upset, and will stand up for the oppressed when they need it.

What is Aquarius attracted to?

Aquarius cherish their freedom very much, so they are attracted to independent people who do not need constant love exchanges and value their friendship above all else. They are very compatible with Aries, Saggitarius, and Gemini.

What type of person is an Aquarius?

Aquarius is a brilliant and nonconformist individual who’s always looking to change the rules and encourage others to do the same. They like to spend time with their friends, engage in new experiences, and be authentic to their core beliefs.

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