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Numerology is a sacred language that explains the correspondences between our life events and the numerical value in our birth date, name, and ideas. Numerology helps you decipher the hidden meaning of your life, acting as a personalized guide to your destiny.

Your birth date can provide the numbers that will indicate your strengths and weaknesses. It can also display the talents that will make you succeed in the future and even the people with whom you would be most compatible and likely to share a happy life.

The date on which you came into the world is no coincidence. On that day, your spirit incarnated on this earth to grant you a unique and special mission that only you can fulfill. However, you can spend your whole life blind to this purpose, following orders without knowing why you are here.

Each number has a particular meaning and a series of characteristics associated with the person in question. Learning more about these qualities can be a real eye-opener. But it doesn’t just disclose the underlying motivations for your behavior. It identifies what your true gifts are and in which profession you could thrive! So, if you are not happy with the career path you are pursuing now, you will know what steps to take to achieve ultimate realization.

Therefore, numerology is a map that guides you back to your true essence, to unpick those aspects of your personality that will lead you to a much more fulfilling destiny. Numerology will help you to make wise decisions in critical moments and to develop your inner potential.

The results of your numerology chart are not a fixed recipe that blindly tells you what to do to have a safe life. It is the door that invites you to take charge of your circumstances and become more aware of the people, situations, and experiences you choose to have in your life.

Numerology can help you through important life stages by guiding you towards the decision that is most in line with your higher self. It reminds you that you are not a victim of fate but an empowered soul capable of transforming your reality.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” – Carl Jung