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Sagittarius February 2023 Monthly Horoscope

This is an excellent month for your artistic and creative goals, you can have financial success with projects that involve promoting, exhibiting and launching your unique work.

Business ventures involving entertainment, sports and children's development are successful.

Stock market activity is also successful, as long as you have experience in this field, if you are totally new to it success is not guaranteed. Activities linked to cyber technology and innovation can also be very profitable and this a very successful month for Sagittarius involved in technological development.

This month is one where renewed optimism and enthusiasm can pave the way to new, more profitable opportunities. The message is, don't sell yourself short, demand what you are due, don't accept less pay or give too many discounts or freebies, as often this telegraphs the wrong message. Have the attitude of, 'this is what I charge because I'm worth it'.

This is an excellent period for new starts and personal growth. Challenges you face now can be overcome and the experience, knowledge and confidence you gain are priceless.

You need to combine a positive and exuberant attitude with wisdom and maturity. Being wise does not equal being cynical, that's the difference which is crucial to understand this month.

This month and the next few months are ripe with opportunity and you need to stay alert and be flexible. While you are bound to have some self-doubt, people are going to rally by your side and it's easy to win support. You are able to work well in teams or independently, however you may not necessarily want to lead as you do not want that responsibility, it may actually hold you back when working alone allows you greater scope to discover what's possible.

Image and first impressions are very important and so is cultural awareness, and being diplomatic. Know the etiquette appropriate to the situations you may find yourself in. Pay attention to your dress and appearance, and also make sure that when you give any zoom call, video call or in person presentation that your slides, cue cards or graphics flow seamlessly and are logical. It's important to pitch yourself correctly and so know your audience, know what works for them.

This month can be filled with tricky moments with the in laws, it's hard to get them to understand where you are coming from. They may intervene in ways that are rather unhelpful and they can also overstay their welcome if they are visiting.

It's best not to plan a long distance family trip or pay any deposits on travel this month, events yet to unfold can leave you out if pocket and disappointed.

In general, ethical and moral dilemmas plague family life. Intergenerational conflicts are more prominent and everyone tends to get on their high horse thinking they know best. It's frustrating trying to manage vastly different takes on life and you could feel disheartened at the ethics certain family members adhere to.

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Optimistic, faithful, romantic, adventurous


Lack of patience, escapes conflict, promises but fails to deliver

Sagittarius likes

Traveling, outdoor activities, philosophy, exotic cultures

Sagittarius dislikes

Depending on others, being straitened, compromising to long-term projects

Sagittarius symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining in the sky that gives hope and reminds us we are all protected by a greater force.

Sagittarius are hopeful individuals who always see the glass as half full and trust the Universe and intuition in all their decisions. They are idealistic and yearn for a better world, even if they find it hard to commit and work for it.

They are also exaggerated and lacking in detail, always aiming for the big picture of their circumstances.

These signs want to understand the meaning of life, and they search for the truth through philosophy or religion. They are great teachers as they know how to synthesize their knowledge and experiences and pass them on to others with enthusiasm.

They are avid travelers and thrive on exploring new countries; the farther away from their home culture, the better! Sagittarians are adventurous and outgoing, and any occasion is a perfect excuse to celebrate life.

Saggitarius is a fire sign, which means these individuals trust their gut feeling to move forward. They may not have enough evidence to prove whether they will succeed in their exploits, but they trust in the Universe, which is always on their side.

For them, every cloud has a silver lining, and reason alone cannot explain most of our daily miracles. However, this optimism hides a deep fear of conflict and pain. When such emotionally intense challenges arise, they escape through naive explanations, parties, or traveling to a distant location.

Sagittarius’s ruling planet is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. For this reason, these signs are exaggerated and romantic. They have big plans for their lives and make far-fetched promises to others. Their intentions are always good, but they realize how ambitious they are when fulfilling those promises and often give up.

What does the Sagittarius sign mean?

Sagittarius is one of the most enthusiastic and friendly signs of the zodiac. They are wise and adventurous and are always searching for the truth. Saggitarius are also interested in learning about new cultures and embarking on thrilling journeys.

What is Sagittarius attracted to?

Sagittarius is attracted to adventure, deep and stimulating conversations, knowledge, and fun.

They relate to spiritual, open-minded, and fun-loving people like Pisces, Aquarius, and Gemini.

What type of person is a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is someone who is not satisfied with the established and is hungry for new adventures. They love to celebrate life, go out with their many friends, travel, and discover the true meaning behind their experiences.

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