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Pisces December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

What brings Pisces most satisfaction in terms of your relationship this month, is maintaining your poise, your dignity and being graceful no matter what circumstance you face. It's very important to think before you speak and not to lose your temper. As a partner you should show fortitude and be a good example, as the best way to deal with marriage crises is to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, as that way you gain in confidence, you keep your self-respect and you maintain the higher ground.

In marriage, this is an excellent time for date nights, for holding dinner parties and for entertaining your friends. It's good to stimulate romance by going to places where you can dress up and be aspirational! What's not good for marriages right now it's sitting on the couch, eating takeaway and slouching about, rather what stimulates love life is dressing up, feeling glamorous and doing things with your partner that make you feel sexy, energized and alive to possibilities. Often too much seclusion causes the world to weigh heavier and problems to expand, but experiencing variety in terms of venue and stimulating company helps tip the scales in favor of optimism, hope and romance. Simply put, get those high heels on.

You have high expectations right now and this is because you have a very high level of respect for yourself, so you are looking for a partner who is aspirational strong and well-respected. You won't lower your standards right now and if you cannot see a partner as someone who is reliable, trustworthy and ethical, then you won't have a problem with walking away very quickly.

You can be impressed by father figures, positive father figure role models, when you are dating right now. You are feeling confident on the romantic scene and you believe you deserve the best and that is an excellent state of mind to be in, too often people go into romance with this hint of desperation about them and there's nothing more off-putting. This month, you have a bold and self-assured manner and will draw people to you who have strength and who are righteous. If you're looking for love, keep focused on finding someone that appreciates who you are for who you are, and will give you the very best, don't settle for people just because they're available. There's no problem being alone at Christmas, focus on achieving the best relationship for the New Year because this is what you are deserving off

The eclipse in your tenth house conjunct Mercury indicates increased status in your work that may go along with a pay rise. You are likely to receive recognition and you may achieve a bonus, however your bonus may come in another form, like more business travel at luxury hotels, going to conferences or being able to dine with clients at expensive restaurants. You may be given added perks within your job, like a special car parking space, company car, new office or your own staff to manage which can be a very exciting.

Your internal emotions are complex right now and you may be quite secretive, however you can enjoy family events and family gatherings but there's also a time you need to spend alone reflecting as this brings you a lot of contentment.

This is an excellent period for festivities, but your most memorable moments might be time you spend alone, just sipping fine wine that you bought for yourself and reflecting on an achievement; that maybe the real cherry on top.

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Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, kind


Fearful, naive, moody, victimizes, escape reality

Pisces likes

Magic, animals, helping others, art, dreaming, solitude

Pisces dislikes

Challenging tasks, cruelty, criticism, facing the truth

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It represents a cycle that has come to an end and must surrender all learning to a greater force. These signs are highly compassionate.

Pisces can grasp all kinds of realities and sense what others feel, even if they don’t know them. They have a vast and fanciful inner world in which they can wander for hours without interruption.

Pisces are passionate dreamers and struggle to cope with the cruelty of the world. Their kind nature leads them to help others without getting any benefit in return.

These individuals are outstanding artists with an ability to portray ineffable emotions. They do not judge other people and sometimes trust strangers too much, not recognizing when someone has alternative intentions.

Pisces is a water sign. Their love for all living beings is as boundless as the ocean itself! They care for plants, animals, and all those creatures that need help and protection.

This susceptibility sometimes prevents them from handling practical day-to-day activities such as working or taking care of their personal affairs.

Pisces’s ruling planet is Neptune, which provides them with a sensory antenna to perceive other dimensions. These signs are very intuitive, can predict specific events, and don’t need much explanation to understand what is going on with others.

If you have ever seen a distracted Piscean, it is because they are picking up information from other realms, even when they are not aware of it.

What does the Pisces sign mean?

The sign of Pisces represents love and compassion for all living beings. These signs share the belief that love has no boundaries, and we all should be more understanding of each other for a happier future.

What is Pisces attracted to?

Pisces have difficulty dealing with harsh reality, so they are attracted to people who support them in their romantic and hopeful moods, such as Sagittarius, Libra, and Taurus.

What type of person is a Pisces?

Pisces is a loving and empathetic person. They can go to great lengths to help those in need and do not care about their personal accomplishments unless they are for the greater good.

They can be a bit naive at times, but their attitude is touching and inspires others to be better.

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