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Libra May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

If your relationship is in a fairly good place, this is an excellent time to inject some spontaneity, a bit of adventure and to show each other more love and affection. You could possibly even introduce the massage oils, giving each other some massages and TLC. Remember to be thoughtful, actions speak louder than words, so I'm not suggesting empty romantic gestures like buying each other presents that are meaningless, it's about putting thought into presents that have a special sentimental value, or into doing activities together that require a little bit of planning and effort.

Librans are in a very romantic frame of mind, which makes this an ideal phase for seeking romance, however your sights are set high. I know that Libra can sometimes judge a book by its cover, but that's not necessarily being superficial, because manners, appearance, courtesy and behavior are important to you, and therefore you can judge those things on sight. It's important for you to choose partners who show nobility, strength of character and courage, however you must be careful to judge whether they have true strength, or are just showing off and concealing a narcissistic personality.

If you recently became involved in a relationship, it may be quite competitive right now or you may feel that you are competing with your partner's other interests, your ex-partner or your work for attention, so it's important for you to show him that you are independent too, and you have friends outside of the relationship that also keep you busy.

This month money is made particularly in the creative industries and cutting-edge businesses. You often gain by being an early adopter of technology, and you can also make money by being the first to get a contract or agency for a new product. It is important to keep your eye on what's happening in your industry, and to read a lot of trade magazines so that you are the first to know when something new comes to market.

Your life will be filled with quite a few significant projects at the moment, but you may not currently be aware of their significance, so don't allow anything to drift, keep everything going as much as you can. This is a good time to pick up where you may have left off, because it's possible that an important project has been left on the back burner and you can now bring it forward and do what it takes to finish it. You will have a better perspective on what's needed and perhaps more experienced now to complete that project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Mercury is retrograde in your ninth house and so this is a period when you can have a mini crisis in terms of your confidence in your direction. You can be quite unpredictable, he are restless and may even appear to be having a mini midlife crisis. You are attracted to instant gratification and may act recklessly. You can be overconfident and may bite off more than you can chew. You tend to exaggerate or embellish. You don't always have a good grip of reality, although you can have sudden insights which are quite inspirational.

The New Moon is on the 30th of April and extends until the 16th of May, so this is an excellent time for your New Moon rituals and your initiation of new projects. As the New Moon is in Taurus, your 8th solar house, this is a great time for tax saving plans, reducing debt and organizing pensions.

This is a wonderful time for psychological spring cleaning and getting closure on troubling issues from the past.

Mercury is retrograde meaning this period is more about reflection and pontification than making solid decisions. You must think laterally rather than always factually, join the dots and seeing a big picture.

The activation of Uranus can make you very restless and independent, so you are less likely to want to follow orders and more likely to want to strike out on your own and be daring in extracting yourself from old obligations.

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Collaborative, considerate, outgoing


Superficial, escapes conflict, disguises the truth

Libra likes

Social engagements, balance, kindness, relationships

Libra dislikes

Being alone, telling others something they don’t want to hear

Libra is the first sign of the zodiac to be aware of the importance of relationships. These signs take other people into account and realize their actions affect others. The symbol of Libra is the scales, which represent harmony and balance between all parts.

That is why these signs are excellent mediators, as they can put themselves in the place of others and look for a middle ground to solve conflicts.

They are also charming and friendly, but they don’t want to make others feel bad, so they disguise the ugly truth. They also have a flair for aesthetics, fashion, music, and culture.

Libra individuals have exquisite taste and are usually very attractive. They enjoy their relationships to the point of fearing spending time alone or doing anything on their own.

Libra is an air sign, which means they have excellent communication skills and are rational before emotional. They can understand people from an objective standpoint but struggle to empathize with others’ pain.

Libra prefer to remain on the outside surface and avoid emotionally challenging conflicts.

Their ruling planet is Venus, which symbolizes love, relationships, and beauty. These signs like to please others with their attractive looks and charming demeanor. They appreciate beauty in all its forms and do their best to spread it to the world.

What does the Libra sign mean?

The sign of Libra stands for beauty and harmony. These individuals are very attentive and considerate of others and aspire to make everyone feel comfortable in their company.

What is Libra attracted to?

Libra’s are very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. They want the company of pleasant and friendly individuals such as Leo, Gemini, and Taurus.

What type of person is a Libra?

Libra is a kind and caring person. They loathe conflict and strive for peace and harmony in their relationships, even if that requires sacrificing some of their personal preferences. They are anything but selfish and make the world a more enjoyable place.

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