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Libra September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Mercury retrograde from the 10th can cause some misunderstandings, but this is generally a good time for relationships and marriage. You and your partner will able to be positive and optimistic, and to tackle problems with a spirit of cooperation and good communication.

This may not be a spectacular month, in fact your relationship is generally going well and this is a good time to sit back, relax, have a bit of chilled time. You may be able do some pampering with your partner or spoil yourselves to a few good meals, a classy bottle of wine or go on a spa weekend together so that you can really enjoy relaxing after the stress last month.

This month in relationships, 'those who play together, stay together', and so even if your relationship feels fine and you enjoy having a lot of space, it is really important to be doing fun and enjoyable things together, because that's the key to cementing relationships and improving understanding.

This can be a very exciting time for romance, if you've been out of the dating game, this is definitely a period where you can do something like join a salsa club, golf club or tennis club whereby doing something quite active and exciting, you can meet like-minded people who enjoy the same things, and you can maybe strike up friendships that will probably quite quickly lead to romance.

With Mercury retrograde in Libra from the 10th, this is probably not the best time for money making connected to events that require public speaking, negotiations or where you have to use your judgement. It's definitely a time when you need to deliberate and do that special thing Libra do so well, weigh pros and cons.

This is a good time for conducting editing or trying to distil information down. It's important to be succinct rather than verbose, and in all your conversations or communications, get to the point. In meetings or presentations hone in on the most important factors, and realize that right now people have very short concentration spans, they can't cope with volumes of information, so focus on what's most important and make sure that you ram that message home.

Sometimes you can act in a confusing way during this month, it's like you throw up a few smokescreens and occasionally you can be deliberately opaque or indecisive, somewhat as a form of self-protection. In fact you may want to withdraw from verbal confrontations, this is definitely not a good time for debate or anything verbally competitive or aggressive. It's probably better to withdraw and observe rather than to enter the fray, take sides or get stuck into an argument.

It's important not to totally trust anyone at the moment, while you shouldn't go around being too cynical, you should take a step back and consider whether people are being entirely honest. It's not that your family members are trying to be sneaky or underhand, rather it may be that there is a lot going on at the moment and it's hard for everyone to process that on an emotional level.

Your relationships with women, including your mother, and your daughters or female family members can be a lot more difficult at the moment, so bear that in mind and try and be more sensitive and tolerant.

The moon waxes from August 27 to September 10 and this is a wonderful phase for new activities, turning over new leaves and establishing goals.

New goals in connection with dating and romance are not favored in this phase, but new romance is OK during the rest of the month. This is not ideal for launches in terms of creative pursuits.

Arts management and tours are not favored.

Sports and individual competition are not suitable for this phase.

This is also not a good time for new job, career changes or PR. It may not be the best time for public speaking.

Be careful of major brand new investments or major financial or debt restructuring.

This is a good time for home decorating, dinner parties and entertaining. Businesses connected to catering and hospitality are successful.

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Collaborative, considerate, outgoing


Superficial, escapes conflict, disguises the truth

Libra likes

Social engagements, balance, kindness, relationships

Libra dislikes

Being alone, telling others something they don’t want to hear

Libra is the first sign of the zodiac to be aware of the importance of relationships. These signs take other people into account and realize their actions affect others. The symbol of Libra is the scales, which represent harmony and balance between all parts.

That is why these signs are excellent mediators, as they can put themselves in the place of others and look for a middle ground to solve conflicts.

They are also charming and friendly, but they don’t want to make others feel bad, so they disguise the ugly truth. They also have a flair for aesthetics, fashion, music, and culture.

Libra individuals have exquisite taste and are usually very attractive. They enjoy their relationships to the point of fearing spending time alone or doing anything on their own.

Libra is an air sign, which means they have excellent communication skills and are rational before emotional. They can understand people from an objective standpoint but struggle to empathize with others’ pain.

Libra prefer to remain on the outside surface and avoid emotionally challenging conflicts.

Their ruling planet is Venus, which symbolizes love, relationships, and beauty. These signs like to please others with their attractive looks and charming demeanor. They appreciate beauty in all its forms and do their best to spread it to the world.

What does the Libra sign mean?

The sign of Libra stands for beauty and harmony. These individuals are very attentive and considerate of others and aspire to make everyone feel comfortable in their company.

What is Libra attracted to?

Libra’s are very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. They want the company of pleasant and friendly individuals such as Leo, Gemini, and Taurus.

What type of person is a Libra?

Libra is a kind and caring person. They loathe conflict and strive for peace and harmony in their relationships, even if that requires sacrificing some of their personal preferences. They are anything but selfish and make the world a more enjoyable place.

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