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Gemini May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

It's important to place value on the esoteric side of your relationship rather than whether he buys you roses or is good at romance in a material sense. Does he appreciate you on a deep level, and you him? Or are you just exchanging meaningless tokens of love? It's also important to be down to earth in marriage and focus on making sure the relationship is working at a very pragmatic level.

This is a time to be proactive in love, go after what you want with confidence, enter the dating arena with aplomb. The key to successful romance is to show your true, free-spirited, individualistic side. When choosing what to wear, be bold colorful and fashionable. Invest in some new accessories to give you a sense of your own creativity, thus unleashing the daring romancer within you.

A new partner should value your individuality, and should stimulate your needs for adventure.

Being proactive in love and romance means speaking your mind, being straightforward about your feelings, and if you see something that needs to be done, you go ahead and do it without being asked.

You are generating a lot of energy right now which makes you very attractive and vivacious. Show your true self fearlessly and the wait for the magic to happen, but do not plan or over manage the new relationship. You are certainly open to new options and friends and colleagues have important input and advice for you. In terms of dating it's rather tricky to be involved with you during this phase, as you may be toying with a date or just experimenting in love. You can be very curious about date one minute and indifferent the next.

This is a very favorable time in career as you will have the opportunity to promote yourself and advance your own goals. As your faith and sense of purpose are enhanced, nothing seems out of your reach, which will inspire other people to follow your lead and support your efforts.

Dealing with authority is tricky, so tread carefully. Paradoxically, opportunities lie within bureaucratic structures, so this not the time to rebel, instead, try to work within these structures and navigate them with logic and cunning.

You may be more inclined to be a little 'on edge' and slightly defensive this month. Often boundaries which you have set around yourself are now becoming like your chains, locking you into your old habits and behaviors, thus be careful of dwelling on past or on personal dogmas.

While it may be demoralizing when you are criticized and challenged by others about your beliefs, it can help you to redefine those beliefs or renew your faith. So continue to persevere and stand up for what you believe in, even if you have been hurt by someone else's comments or judgements.

The New Moon is on the 30th of April and extends until the 16th of May, so this is an excellent time for your New Moon rituals and your initiation of new projects. As the New Moon is in Taurus, your 12th solar house, this is a great time for rest, retreat, re-evaluation and contemplation.

This is a wonderful time for thinking, imagining and connecting to the sacred place within from where inspiration springs. Be slightly cautious about cults and group think or brainwashing. Question everything.

The activation of Uranus can make you very restless and so don't take on obligations or make promises as you won't want to keep them as your desires and needs are very fluid. This is a particularly good phase for affirmations and the positive use of mind power.

This is also a very good time for creative projects requiring a great deal of originality and speed in production. A good month for brainstorming with others and generating ideas.

New unpredictable romance is favored.

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Talkative, curious, adaptable, fast learners, multitaskers


Scattered, two-faced, uncommitted, struggle to finish what they start

Gemini likes

Games, socializing, reading books, learning new hobbies, movement

Gemini dislikes

Routine, restrictions, solitude, silence

Those born under the Sun Sign of Gemini are children at heart, no matter how old they are. They love to play games, meet new people, talk for hours, and have fun. Gemini individuals have a quick way of thinking.

They are intelligent and know random facts about all subjects, but they hardly delve deeply into any of them. Our Gemini folks are always on the go, multitasking and talking with several people at the same time.

They hate routine and feel comfortable in changing environments.

Gemini characters LOVE spontaneous outings, and they get along with all kinds of people, even those with opposite personalities. Hence, some people consider Geminis two-faced, as they can adapt to both sides of the spectrum.

Gemini is an Air sign, which means they are intellectual, rational, and detached in their relationships. They can analyze their problems objectively and put themselves in the other person’s shoes without judging or involving their feelings or values. Also, they need plenty of personal space, or they can quickly suffocate and feel overwhelmed.

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, which represents communication and our mental process. Therefore, they have excellent communication skills, which makes them fine spokespersons.

They can convince others of whatever they set their minds to since they are eloquent, charming, and above all, funny! Geminians could be famous comedians and make a living from entertaining large audiences.

What does the Gemini sign mean?

Gemini is an Earth Sign that loves movement, socializing, and learning new things. If this is your Sun Sign, it means you have a fun and easygoing personality. You can adapt to all circumstances and people without complaining and enjoy spontaneous and unforeseen events.

What is Gemini attracted to?

Gemini are attracted to engaging conversations, intellectual pursuits, and crowded locations. They like to relate with friendly and outgoing personalities, ready to embark on a fun and unexpected journey with them.

These signs are compatible with passionate people such as Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo.

What type of person is a Gemini?

Gemini shy away from drama and complex relationships or environments. They like to keep things simple and share a good laugh with anyone who crosses their path! Being around a Gemini guarantees you’ll never get bored or feel uncomfortable by their side. They, indeed, are the life and soul of the party.

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