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Cancer May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

There can be some power struggles in the relationship sphere, although I think power struggles is quite a strong word as it's just that one or the other of you may be a little bit more bossy or overbearing. There are issues with personality clashes, particularly if you are both cardinal signs or have strong personalities, however this can be less pronounced if your partner's a slightly more passive, easy-going star sign, in this case you make perceive them as more stubborn and distracted rather than argumentative.

Because Mercury is retrograde this month, you have to be careful in love particularly, as you can give mixed messages. It's very important to focus on what you are saying because sometimes you become quite verbose and you may over share, or be a little bit indiscrete in terms of revealing too much about yourself. However, you may go to the other extreme, and be so closed and secretive that a new relationship doesn't have much chance of getting onto the right track.

So the key in romance this month, is to take it slowly, to try and enjoy it and not become so emotionally involved that you get yourself into a state where are a little bit paranoid, and almost looking for the worst in a new person.

This is definitely a time to be very careful in all your financial dealings, it's best to keep dealing with people you trust and have long established relationships with. This is certainly not a good time to start dealing with a new institution or group of people, particularly where you are far less powerful than them, less informed or have less access to relevant data. So when you go into a new contract, be very cognizant of the power balance and don't enter contracts or take loans where you feel you will have a disadvantage.

You will certainly make an impression on people, but just be careful not to go too far, remember to respect that everyone is on a journey and their journey happens at a different pace to yours, so don't put pressure on anyone to either adapt or learn as quickly as you. Just because someone has reservations, doesn't mean they are against your ideas, it may just take them a little bit longer to come around to your way of thinking. So learn to be more sympathetic of where people are at, and to work with that rather than trying to speed off and leave them behind.

The Mercury retrograde affects your subconscious mind. You may have great difficulty making decisions, you could be plagued by self-doubt. Like the previous retrograde in January, this one also inclines you to be secretive, evasive and in search of solitude. You have a need for introspection during these periods and you are very good at procrastination and avoidance too.

You may be tired and you need rest and lots of water as you are probably run down and needs a little battery recharge.

The New Moon is on the 30th of April and extends until the 16th of May, so this is an excellent time for your New Moon rituals and your initiation of new projects. As the New Moon is in Taurus, your 11th solar house, this is a great time for getting inspired, reconnecting with friends, exploring socially and networking.

This is a wonderful time for getting excited about your life again abs thinking expansively about what's possible and what would add adventure.

It's a good time for group orientated or political goals, you may be inspired to work for a cause.

The activation of Uranus can make you very restless and so don't take on obligations or make promises as you won't want to keep them as your desires or priorities change quickly.

You may be attracted to bohemian or highly eccentric people right now, this is quite interesting for you, but keep your head about you as you may not quite understand the new crowd you are moving within.

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Sensitive, nurturing, imaginative, loyal


Moody, fearful, pessimistic, non-confident, easy to manipulate

Cancer likes

Domestic affairs, family time, childhood memories, spending time at home

Cancer dislikes

Far-flung journeys, unknown people, stepping out of their comfort zone, talking about their feelings

The symbol of this sensitive zodiac sign is the crab, which perfectly represents the Cancerian personality. Crabs have a vulnerable core and therefore need to protect themselves by wearing a thick shell.

Likewise, Cancer individuals are very emotional and often try to hide this quality through a quiet personality and tough-looking skin. However, their relatives and childhood friends can see through this farce.

Cancer is very loving people who cherish spending time with their loved ones. They are very imaginative and can spend hours locked in their room wandering in their private world, inaccessible to others.

Cancer is a water sign, which means they experience their life circumstances very subjective and emotional. They tend to judge people as good or bad, with no gray areas in between.

They struggle to understand other people’s opinions objectively and assume what others think without confirming it. They also believe everyone can guess how they feel without communicating it, which leads to many misunderstandings.

Cancer types rarely express their inner world openly, as they are very secretive and often withdraw into isolation when feeling insecure.

Their ruling planet is the Moon, the satellite that influences our moods and emotions. For this reason, Cancer individuals undergo a roller coaster of emotions daily and change their moods very quickly.

But at the same time, they are very nurturing and protective of their loved ones. They know how to make others feel at home and comfortable. Sometimes they can be a little fearful, especially when dealing with new situations outside their comfort zone.

What does the Cancer sign mean?

Cancer is a water sign, which means people with this Sun Sign are very emotional. These individuals tend to withdraw from others when upset and shield their inner and imaginative world from trespassing. At the same time, they are nurturing and help others to feel secure and welcome.

What is Cancer attracted to?

Cancer are attracted to loving and sensitive folks just like themselves. They like to spend time in their house, listen to music, and dream up all kinds of romantic scenarios.

These signs are compatible with more objective and confident personalities such as Libra, Capricorn, and Taurus.

What type of person is a Cancer?

Cancer is an emotional type of person. Life without emotions is meaningless for these signs, even if it is sometimes challenging to endure. They are creative and sensitive and have vast imaginations.

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