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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 11, During Mars In Libra

Place your hand over your heart and let a smile grace your lips; you’ve journeyed this far, and your ability to manifest your desires is beyond doubt. Feel the rejuvenation and invigoration as divine energy courses through you, inspiring you to honor your deepest passions. By channeling your energy into what passionately calls to you, you’ll connect with the source and harness the power of attraction in your life.

On Monday, September 11, the energy takes a significant shift. It’s as if the universe senses Mercury soon stationing direct, propelling you from the introspective looking glass and onto a path of action and transformation.

The Waning Crescent Moon in Leo will align with Mars in Libra, igniting your inner fire for the journey ahead, infusing you with greater hope and optimism regarding the multitude of possibilities that surround you. Together, they create a moment of contemplation, focusing on the future, and cherishing the important relationships in your life.

Under the influence of the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra, you prepare for what lies ahead. This phase signifies the transition from the old to the new, and though the new hasn’t arrived yet, you are aware of the impending choices and the need to stand your ground. For now, you observe and prepare.

As you ready yourself, you’ll find your passion and intensity for what truly matters growing stronger. This passion will be your guiding force, propelling you forward.

You can perform your rituals at any time today, but the alignment between the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra is most potent during the morning hours, Eastern Standard Time. This period offers the greatest energy for manifestation. To embrace Mars in Libra’s passion and drive, focus on honoring the air sign’s attributes by incorporating thyme, elderberry, catnip, lavender, and vanilla into your rituals. You can also incorporate morganite, lapis lazuli, or moonstone to enhance your manifestation power under Mars in Libra’s influence.

Now, let’s explore what each zodiac sign can manifest on September 11, 2023:

Aries Manifest: Romantic decisiveness

Use the energy and clarity of the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra to prepare for a significant decision in your romantic life. Begin by lighting a red candle and cutting an apple in half, ensuring the star is in the center. Choose the half with the clearest star, symbolizing knowledge, and place it face up in front of the candle. Carve a heart around the star and encircle it with salt. Sprinkle lavender over it and repeat your affirmation seven times. Finally, bury it beneath a rose bush in your garden.

Daily affirmation: I embrace my truth as I seize the opportunity to make an essential romantic decision.

Taurus Manifest: Greater balance

Activate your wellness sector and seek balance in your life under the influence of the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra. Write your affirmation on the bottom of a mug and place moonstone on the bottom. Prepare a tea using thyme and lavender and infuse it with your affirmation. Sip the tonic in a quiet space while focusing on your inner sense of balance. Keep the moonstone with you throughout the day.

Daily affirmation: I am creating balance within myself and my life.

Gemini Manifest: Receiving joy

Open yourself to receive the joy and love you desire with the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra’s activation of this area of your life. Start by lighting vanilla incense and allowing the smoke to envelop you. Anoint your heart chakra in a heart shape with lavender essential oil, repeating your affirmation five times. Carry citrine with you to attract more joy throughout the day.

Daily affirmation: I am open to receiving joy and love.

Cancer Manifest: Peaceful home

Reflect on increasing the positive energy within your home as the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra activate themes of peace and love. Begin by lighting bergamot incense for balance and use it to smudge your home. Bundle lavender in sets of three with a blue ribbon, repeating your affirmation. Place lavender bundles under pillows, couch cushions, or near frequented areas in your home. Sprinkle salt on your front steps for protection.

Daily affirmation: My home is a space of peace, love, and encouragement.

Leo Manifest: Compromise

Focus on finding compromise within your relationships as the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra highlight this area of your life. Write your affirmation on a bay leaf and wrap thyme around it, securing it with a white ribbon while repeating your affirmation. Place it under a blue candle and let it burn completely. Return all materials to the earth.

Daily affirmation: I seek compromise in all my interactions as I embrace working together with those around me.

Virgo Manifest: Honoring your self-worth

Set an intention to honor your self-worth in every aspect of your life as the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra activate this sector. Light a gold candle and write your affirmation on paper. Bind the paper to a pineapple symbolizing self-worth and confidence, wrapped in yellow or gold ribbon. Sprinkle salt on it for protection and leave it in the sunlight throughout the day. As you consume it at night, silently hold your affirmation in your mind’s eye.

Daily affirmation: I am honoring my self-worth in all I do as I prepare to start a new chapter in my life.

Libra Manifest: Passion for your life

Set an intention to embrace your deepest passions as the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra create space for the life you want to live. Create an intention jar using catnip, lavender, and pomegranate seeds. Seal the top with red wax while repeating your affirmation and place it in a north-facing area of your home to honor Libra’s air energy.

Daily affirmation: I am fueled by an inner passion and desire to live my most fantastic life.

Scorpio Manifest: Clarity

Harness greater clarity and closure in your life under the influence of the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra, which activate your subconscious sector. Enhance your water bottle with lemons for purification, mint for rebirth, and lemon balm for clarity. Place moonstone inside for balance as you infuse the water with your affirmation.

Daily affirmation: I am receiving greater peace as clarity returns, and I can find the closure I seek.

Sagittarius Manifest: A soul up-level

Embrace transformation within your life to align more deeply with your recent growth as the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra illuminate your goals and social sector. Light a yellow candle, write your affirmation on paper, fold it toward you three times, and seal it with melted wax. Bind your intention with a yellow ribbon to a cherry tree symbolizing friendship while repeating your affirmation.

Daily affirmation: I am allowing my life to change as it rises to meet my new level of life and awareness.

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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