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How Your Solar Return Ascendant Influences Your Life Each Year

Each year, a unique cosmic event unfolds on your birthday within the realm of astrology. It marks the initiation of a new solar return cycle, governing the forthcoming year of your life until the arrival of your subsequent birthday. This phenomenon results in the creation of a solar return Ascendant, signifying the overarching theme for the upcoming solar year.

In astrological terms, this pivotal moment transpires when the Sun returns precisely to the point it occupied at your birth, aptly referred to as a solar return. Astrologers employ a specialized tool known as a solar return chart to gain insights into this annual celestial occurrence, a chart strikingly similar to your natal birth chart. The critical distinction is that it encompasses precisely one year, spanning from one birthday to the next.

Generating your unique solar return chart for your birthday is a straightforward endeavor, facilitated by the use of a birth chart calculator. Simply ensure you input your precise time of birth in conjunction with the specific year for which you seek to create the chart, employing your current city of residence rather than your birthplace. The resulting solar return chart is accompanied by a solar return Ascendant, or Rising sign, offering valuable insights into the prevailing theme of your impending solar year.

For those with an inclination for travel or wanderlust, astrocartography techniques can further enhance your birthday experience. By selecting an astrologically favorable location to celebrate your birthday, you can consciously shape a positive solar return cycle for yourself.

Interpreting the Significance of Solar Return Ascendants

Aries Rising (Solar Return) If you find yourself with an Aries rising or Ascendant in your solar return chart, the upcoming year will revolve around embarking on new adventures, nurturing self-focus and physicality, and energetically charging forth into the world. Even if you typically lean toward introversion, you’ll exude more extroverted energy. Anticipate numerous opportunities and new connections, though their longevity hinges on other factors within your Solar Return and natal birth charts.

Taurus Rising (Solar Return) With a Taurus rising or Ascendant in your solar return chart, the year ahead will be dedicated to establishing stability, augmenting personal wealth and influence, and securing your place within your community. Taurus solar return Ascendants often prompt contemplation of marriage and settling down. It’s a period when substantial acquisitions, such as homes, vehicles, or high-value investments, frequently occur. Additionally, a focus on material possessions and financial security prevails, making it an ideal time to delve into conservative investments and financial planning.

Gemini Rising (Solar Return) Individuals with a Gemini rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart will embark on a year centered around communication, expanding their network, short-distance travel, and nurturing relationships with friends and siblings. Expect heightened talkativeness and a penchant for juggling multiple hobbies or even learning a new language. Personal relationships may assume a more casual and non-committal tone, emphasizing enjoyment over heavy commitment.

Cancer Rising (Solar Return) For those possessing a Cancer rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart, the forthcoming year will revolve around creating a secure and nurturing home environment. During this period, you’ll connect with your compassionate or maternal side, foster relationships with family and close-knit circles, and retreat from the world at large. Even if you typically exude extroversion, this year will evoke introversion, urging you to embrace solitude and explore heightened intuition. Themes of dietary consciousness and environmental awareness may also manifest.

Leo Rising (Solar Return) Individuals graced with a Leo rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart will revel in a year of self-illumination. It’s an extroverted year, even for natural introverts. Expect to feel luckier than usual, often experiencing a personal glow-up. Leadership opportunities and moments in the spotlight abound. Themes of love and romance take center stage, with the possibility of accidental pregnancies—a cautionary note. The duration of these relationships, whether fleeting or enduring, depends on other factors in your solar return and synastry charts.

Virgo Rising (Solar Return) A Virgo rising or Ascendant in your solar return chart ushers in a year dominated by everyday work, routines, bureaucratic matters, and acts of service to others. Even if you’re not inherently predisposed to this mindset, the year may compel you to become a workaholic. Service-oriented industries thrive during this period, and hard work often garners recognition, although acknowledgment varies based on other factors. Most individuals experience a phase of modesty during a Virgo Ascendant solar return year.

Libra Rising (Solar Return) With a Libra rising or Ascendant in your solar return chart, the year ahead will spotlight partnerships, relationships, legal matters, and potentially marriage. It’s a time when many consider taking the plunge into matrimony. This Ascendant also significantly influences your appearance and demeanor, often resulting in a refined, polished, and well-mannered disposition by societal standards. Opportunities emerge primarily through interactions with others, fostering a sense of conformity, even among independent thinkers.

Scorpio Rising (Solar Return) Individuals blessed with a Scorpio rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart will navigate a year shrouded in secrecy and intrigue, fostering introversion even in extroverts. Expect to become more observant and less talkative, possibly immersing yourself in secretive organizations or exclusive circles. Power dynamics and encounters with influential individuals define this period. Some may develop obsessions or single-minded pursuits. While potentially transformative, these experiences can pose challenges due to discomfort with power dynamics.

Sagittarius Rising (Solar Return) For those with a Sagittarius rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart, the year ahead is characterized by personal freedom, exploration of distant horizons, embracing eccentricities, and pursuit of knowledge and new ideas. Higher education or distance learning often plays a role during this period. Even self-proclaimed introverts tend to exude extroverted energy, fostering unexpected friendships and encounters with foreigners. Religion, spirituality, and teachers assume significant roles, and some may explore new religious groups.

Capricorn Rising (Solar Return) A Capricorn rising or Ascendant in your solar return chart heralds a year exclusively dedicated to your career and professional life. Many individuals experience a resurgence of their inner workaholic tendencies during this period. Even those typically lighthearted may adopt a more serious demeanor. Health, aging, and future planning become paramount concerns. Investments yield fruit if made in the past, whether financial or in terms of education, exploration, business, or other ventures. Traditions and family life are reevaluated within the broader context of community and appropriateness.

Aquarius Rising (Solar Return) Individuals graced with an Aquarius rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart will embark on a year focused on growth, expansion, embracing new technology, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. You may feel ahead of the curve and experience a unique personal glow-up that defies conventional standards of beauty. Trendsetting opportunities abound, as you navigate the world with an innovative perspective. The year emphasizes personal freedom and experimentation.

Pisces Rising (Solar Return) For those with a Pisces rising or Ascendant in their solar return chart, the year ahead revolves around closure, inner peace, spiritual exploration, and a profound belief in seemingly impossible possibilities. You’ll oscillate between introversion and extroversion, readily embracing company but maintaining a quiet, introspective demeanor. Intuition and heightened sensitivity come to the forefront. Relationships take on an otherworldly quality, with encounters that feel destined or reminiscent of past lives.

Athena Dykman, a native Canadian, has seen and done it all. Besides Numerology, Taro, and Astrology, Athena is an intuitive reader - she's been in business for over 10 years as a personal advisor. Since 2020, she has been writing for MyAstrology. Her topics range from occultism to esoterica to art to parenting to feminism to fortune telling.

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