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Leo May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

This is a time for learning in relationships and tuning into you and your partners need for regeneration, not only your need for everyday comfort and security.

It's important to understand the self-deceptive elements in your relationship and move consciously towards the joy of having no pretenses, where nothing obscures the potential for honesty and trust in the relationship.

It's time to tap into the potential of the relationship, by seeing the long term potential and possibilities which you don't always acknowledge exist and enhancing the traits in you and your partner that are underdeveloped and neglected. This you can do not being a motivating and encouraging force and not resorting to criticism, nagging or negative tactics of getting your own way.

With Venus and Jupiter in your highly idealistic 9th house, it is possible that you will distort or exaggerate what you feel, thus your reactions can be over the top, especially if there is strong emotional connection developing. Thus the more in love you are (in a recently formed relationship) and the greater your strength of feeling, the more explosive and unpredictable things will be in love.

If you are still dating, you may attract partners who are in great need of attention and who may play up, exaggerate or even play the fool to get your attention, but is that really them or are they just putting on a show. While you may tend to respond with excitement initially to a new relationship, you can become involved in circumstances that are not what they seem and may consume a lot of your energy or even generosity.

There is a lack of clarity financially and you should take a back seat and observe both the markets and your own cash flow, as it may fluctuate this month unexpectedly. You are not quite certain of anything right now, you have a vague feeling that something significant is going to develop, but it's too soon to say what yet.

It's important to stay buoyant, as certain fears that you have may seem magnified, and you may pursue a number of means to attain a sense of calm within, however this could be just the nudge you need to become more mindful and to practice better and more holistic ways to gain solace and non-material security.

Because Mercury is retrograde from the 10th, events may occasionally misrepresent reality, nothing is clear-cut and you must strive to practice honesty in all your relationships in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Work on understanding the difference between fact and fiction, and thus preventing potential problems from marring family understanding and harmony.

The New Moon is on the 30th of April and extends until the 16th of May, so this is an excellent time for your New Moon rituals and your initiation of new projects. As the New Moon is in Taurus, your 10th solar house, this is a great time for getting inspired about your life direction, creating new goals for your career and thinking about taking on leadership roles.

This is a wonderful time for getting excited about your life again and thinking expansively about what's possible and what would add adventure.

It's a good time for PR, making speeches and looking to be more prominent and 'seen' within your career.

The activation of Uranus can make you very restless and independent, so you are less likely to want to follow orders and more likely to want to strike out on your own and be daring in your career.

You may be attracted to bohemian or highly eccentric people right now, this is quite interesting for you, but keep your head about you as you may not quite understand a new boyfriend as we as you think.

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Self-confidence, generosity, determination, natural leadership


Self-centered, naive, arrogant, unable to accept criticism

Leo likes

Take center stage, arts, following their heart, drama

Leo dislikes

Following rules, lack of attention, monotonous situations

Leo represents the hero’s journey, that person who decides to leave their home behind in order to find themselves. Leo individuals are expressive, strong-willed, and passionate. They don’t shy to take center stage, quite the contrary!

They thrive on drawing attention and having all eyes on them. Leo’s are provocative and inspiring, as they follow their dreams no matter how hard or how long it will take them. These individuals are great artists with contagious energy.

They are also very generous and encourage their loved ones to break free from their humdrum lifestyles and look for their life purpose. Leo’s sometimes struggle to commit to life’s “boring” aspects, like following a strict schedule or outdated rules.

Leo is a fire sign, which explains their expressive and dramatic personality. They are constantly pursuing new adventures, looking for new thrills, and living as Hollywood stars.

A life without drama and excitement is not worth living for Leo. Fire makes Leo signs very outgoing and friendly, always expressing what’s on their mind and with enough confidence to be authentic and take the lead.

Leo’s ruling star is the Sun, the center of the solar system. That is why Leo types have a certain glow about them that cannot go unnoticed.

However, they sometimes expect too much attention from others, mistaking praise for affection. They must learn to let go of the limelight from time to time and let others take center stage.

What does the Leo sign mean?

The sign of Leo is one of the most enthusiastic and creative of all on the zodiac wheel. They are expressive, spontaneous, and outgoing. Leo do their best to pursue their dreams and live their life like a movie.

What is Leo attracted to?

Leo is attracted to adventurous and spontaneous people like them. They need supportive partners who let them take the lead and allow them to be in the limelight.

Leo are compatible with fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius and caring individuals like Cancer and Libra.

What type of person is a Leo?

Leo’s are a very generous people with a huge heart and an outgoing personality. They are expressive and passionate artists who live their lives to the fullest.

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