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Leo September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

This can be a particularly intense time in relationships and yet it can also be quite upsetting, that's why it's important to stay rational and calm. If things in your marriage are generally going well, the problems of this period should be able to be navigated quite successfully. However, if your life has become extremely rigid and both of you are resistant to change or unwilling to have difficult conversations, then there can be ructions and some unpleasantness.

In love and relationships, it's almost as if something has to give, something is begging to be changed and the less willing you both are to talk about this, the more real life can descend into chaos. It's important for both of you to be honest about the desires you have that are not being expressed in the relationship, and these could be sexual desires, the desire to have a broader social life, to travel more or to have a different routine. It's time to put everything on the table for discussion and do so with an open mind.

If you've been putting up with a situation in your relationship, it is much more difficult for you to bite your tongue at the moment. You will be inclined to either passively or actively engineer situations with will cause some sort of confrontation, which will open the door to a conversation where you can express your dissatisfaction.

This is a very tricky time for long-distance romance and if you have been chatting with someone online, or maybe travelling to see them at the weekends, this period will create major hurdles for that relationship. The further apart you are from a partner, the more there are likely to be understandings leading to suspicions and leading to you both wanting to take a break from the relationship.

Mercury retrograde from the 10th indicates that you should be more careful in money matters. Recent commitments need to be reviewed carefully, and plans for new business ventures and strategies need extra work.

You may not be quite as ready for a new level of financial responsibility than you thought, and so this is a good time to press pause and have a long hard think about what you may be taking on and if it really suits you.

A new job offer or promotion may not be a good fit and you could hold out just a tad longer to see if the offer either improves or a better one comes along. Don't take on a role with a large degree extra responsibility or longer hours unless it absolutely makes financial sense, or helps you up the ladder. Make sure you factor your personality into a job or money decisions, ask, 'Is this me?'

Seek and you shall find, this is an excellent phrase for September. It is time for seeking without or within for answers, it could be a good time to have a rummage through your old possessions to find something that you have lost, or maybe simply by having a good old tidy out and find something that you've totally forgotten about, that could provide a missing link to a puzzle or a problem that you are having right now.

It is a time to look inside yourself, ask yourself what motivates you, what are you seeking and therefore what changes can you make to make life more satisfying.

The September/October retrograde period (10 Sept -3 Oct) is not a great time for internet dating or cyber relationships. This period is rife with misunderstandings and even crossed wires about dates.

The moon waxes from August 27 to September 10 and this is a wonderful phase for new activities, turning over new leaves and establishing goals.

New goals in connection with romance and dating apps are not favored. This is not ideal blind dates or clubbing with a view to get hitched.

This is also not a good time for humanitarian or charitable goals.

Be careful of major IT changes in your work. Avoid any new project to do with communication or journalism.

This is a good time for new diets, joining a gym and starting to do a new sport.

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Self-confidence, generosity, determination, natural leadership


Self-centered, naive, arrogant, unable to accept criticism

Leo likes

Take center stage, arts, following their heart, drama

Leo dislikes

Following rules, lack of attention, monotonous situations

Leo represents the hero’s journey, that person who decides to leave their home behind in order to find themselves. Leo individuals are expressive, strong-willed, and passionate. They don’t shy to take center stage, quite the contrary!

They thrive on drawing attention and having all eyes on them. Leo’s are provocative and inspiring, as they follow their dreams no matter how hard or how long it will take them. These individuals are great artists with contagious energy.

They are also very generous and encourage their loved ones to break free from their humdrum lifestyles and look for their life purpose. Leo’s sometimes struggle to commit to life’s “boring” aspects, like following a strict schedule or outdated rules.

Leo is a fire sign, which explains their expressive and dramatic personality. They are constantly pursuing new adventures, looking for new thrills, and living as Hollywood stars.

A life without drama and excitement is not worth living for Leo. Fire makes Leo signs very outgoing and friendly, always expressing what’s on their mind and with enough confidence to be authentic and take the lead.

Leo’s ruling star is the Sun, the center of the solar system. That is why Leo types have a certain glow about them that cannot go unnoticed.

However, they sometimes expect too much attention from others, mistaking praise for affection. They must learn to let go of the limelight from time to time and let others take center stage.

What does the Leo sign mean?

The sign of Leo is one of the most enthusiastic and creative of all on the zodiac wheel. They are expressive, spontaneous, and outgoing. Leo do their best to pursue their dreams and live their life like a movie.

What is Leo attracted to?

Leo is attracted to adventurous and spontaneous people like them. They need supportive partners who let them take the lead and allow them to be in the limelight.

Leo are compatible with fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius and caring individuals like Cancer and Libra.

What type of person is a Leo?

Leo’s are a very generous people with a huge heart and an outgoing personality. They are expressive and passionate artists who live their lives to the fullest.

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