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Aries September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

You require a certain amount of freedom in relationships this month, you are also more likely to be in two minds and that's why it's not a good time to make a commitment like marriage or engagement, as there are often more questions than answers. You require freedom in order to think, or be able to talk matters over with friends or family.

Because of Mercury retrograde from 9 Sept to 3 Oct, this can be one of intense debate in marriage, and quite a bit of argument about decisions and directions. In new relationships, this may seem like a crisis, as it's hard to reach agreement and you may feel you have no common ground with, however it's a result of the Mercury retrograde period which encourages deeper thinking; and analysis and some indecision or toying with ideas is normal. Use this period to pause and re-engage about recent decisions you both have made as well as events, and ask yourself, do I want this, should we change gear now, do we understand this properly, are we truly in agreement or are we just going with the flow?

While this month should not be too problematic for current romances, it's not a good time to get involved with someone brand new and if you are dating, it can be a frustrating experience that could even set you back in terms of self-esteem.

If you are single, this is an excellent month for some reflection on what you are really looking for in love. You may be focusing too much on what you don't want, like a man who is bossy, fussy, arrogant or conceited, and yet you may not know what you do want?

This is a month when you should examine closely what you’ve learned from previous love relationships, but not with the objective of creating a list of the negatives and the problems, but in order to figure out what they have taught you about your true needs and what you need to be satisfied. Who are you when you are in a relationship? What is essential to you? What is annoying? What is satisfying for you? What problems can be overlooked to get to relationship Nirvana?

Any negotiations are likely to be long winded this month and you have to pay attention to detail. It's important to be focused and highly involved, ask questions and don't accept any lame answers. You really have to push your supplies or contractors to the limit to get the best deal.

This is a very good month for Aries who are the face of your own business. You have enhanced personal power and charisma and you can win people over or grab attention. You should get the better of opponents as you have added energy and influence on others.

Often this month there is tension and some self-doubt and that's why being methodical and pragmatic can help to anchor and reassure you. While it's great to be active physically and to be proactive about health and fitness, often in emotional matters you are more conflicted and less certain.

A focus on your body i.e., making improvements in terms of diet, physique, personal appearance can be an excellent way of boosting self-confidence. Thus, a new hairdo, spray tan, getting fitter can be the gateway to greater relationship confidence or the desire to achieve emotional healing.

The New Moon was 27 August and the waxing period lasts until 10 September, making this an excellent time for new initiatives, starting work on different goals and opening new chapters.

This period is not however conducive to brand new relationships, blind dates and singles events. It is also not a good time to get married or engaged.

It is however an excellent time for health and fitness goals and sporting competition. This period is brilliant for anything that involves using your personality to lead and inspire others or manage an endeavor.

This is also a good time to be begin an activity that involves the outdoors, nature or an adventure sport.

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Independent, leadership, passionate, energetic


Anxious, temperamental, aggressive, impulsive

Aries likes

Winning races, playing sports, outdoor activities, exciting challenges

Aries dislikes

Limitations, sitting still, accommodating to others’ preferences

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, representing the excitement of embarking on a new journey, even though they don’t know how everything will turn out. They are brave enough to take the first step and lead others along the way.

Aries love to take on new challenges, which conceals a certain amount of insecurity and inferiority complex. These signs are constantly trying to prove they are the best at everything and sometimes take unnecessary risks.

On the other hand, they are very energetic and passionate about their pursuits. Aries is bold and won’t mind entering uncharted territory, as they love adventures and discoveries.

Aries belongs to the element of fire, which means they are enthusiastic and follow their gut feeling when making important decisions. These signs won’t stay too long in a dull and monotonous environment.

Aries are goal-oriented and rely on concrete actions rather than empty promises. Still, they are very anxious and make hasty decisions to avoid waiting, which leads them to trouble at times.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, known as the god of war. This planet represents combat, defense of your territory, and the setting of clear boundaries. Therefore, Aries can become aggressive and defensive when feeling threatened.

They cherish their independence and personal space and will fight whoever puts them at stake. However, they don’t hold grudges and quickly forget why they were upset not long ago.

What does the Aries sign mean?

It means your Sun was moving through the Aries constellation when you were born, and you express the qualities of this sign. That is, you have a very fiery and passionate personality, love to take risks, and have excellent leadership skills.

What are Aries attracted to?

They are attracted to adventures and new experiences. They love to embark on new journeys and want someone as adventurous as they are by their side. Aries also loves outdoor activities and a variety of sports.

They are compatible with risk-taking and fun-loving personalities such as Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

What type of person is an Aries?

It’s an independent and enthusiastic person with a zest for life and a quick intellect. They are ambitious, bold, and spend large amounts of energy on projects they feel passionate about.

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